"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Some Beady Indulgence

The weekend was not a sit-out-on-the-deck kind of time. Saturday was sunny enough, but there was so much smoke in the air from a neighbors burning garbage that I  couldn't stand it, so I stayed indoors (asthma and all that). Sunday was gray and rainy.  So, instead of doing yard work, I indulged in that beading I've been wanting to do.

I decided to make another fancy beaded donut, this one in blue and white.

Side view.

The pattern is online for this, and free. It comes in 4 languages. You'll find it here:

Close up.

I had some problems with this one not wanting to lay flat. It was sort of wavy and almost twisted. I think the 8's were a little larger than the norm and my tension may have been a little too tight. I solved the problem by pinning the donut by each corner to my blocking board and steamed it until it got warm enough to relax the thread. Then I piled 3 heavy books on top until it cooled off. Since I used Fireline 6lb thread for the project, and Fireline is made of plastic, it softened from the heat just enough to relax. Then when it cooled it held the shape. So, essentially, you could say I put my knitting skills to use and blocked it into shape.

The back.

Once again.

Now I'm wondering what I want to do for a neck chain to hang it on. Maybe some tubular peyote?

This morning the Parkarosa Bird Buffet was visited by a male Black Headed Grosbeak.

There have been a lot of Turkeys hanging around too. No amount of Tommy chasing is discouraging them. In fact, I think they like it. Saturday evening we were heading into Rathdrum to go out for dinner. There were 3 Turkeys hanging out on the road. I stopped the car so as not to run over them. Sweet Hubby opened a window and gobbled at them. All of them raised their heads up. One gobbled back. Hubby said to them "Come on now. All three of you-gobble gobble gobble!" and they all started gobbling like crazy and came  closer to the car. It was pretty funny. We're calling Sweet Hubby the Turkey Whisperer now.

Oh yes, remember 2 weekends ago I planted a bunch of pansies and marigolds in the flower boxes on the deck? We had a frost. I lost all the Marigolds. The Pansies are fine though. I'm so glad I decided to bring the tomatoes in that night.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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  1. Beautiful grosbeak. We get some, but not like that! Love the turkey whisperer story. Fantastic idea to block the beading!