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I'm not one for endorsing products like a raving lunatic, but I'm devoting todays post to an ant killer. Last spring ants invaded my kitchen. I had 3 kinds of ants. Big black carpenter ants, medium sized black ants, and itty bitty sugar ants. Ever since, I've been buying ant bait and putting it around the kitchen. I got rid of the middle sized ants with the Grants Ants bait. But I still had the other ants. So I tried Raid bait. That got rid of the Carpenter ants. But until this last weekend, nothing I tried could get rid of those itty bitty sugar ants. I didn't want to resort to calling an exterminator, or worse yet, putting a giant poison filled tent around my house and moving out for a couple weeks. So I asked friends and acquaintances for advice, and tried everything they suggested.

In the meantime the tiny little pests were getting worse. I couldn't stand it. I'd scoop out a spoonful of sugar from the sugar bowl and drop it into my coffee, and there'd be 3 ants swimming around screaming for help. I would have probably developed quite a reputation as a lifeguard in the ant world, except every one I rescued got sucked down into the garbage disposal immediately after.

One friend suggested I get some Borax because ants love it. Borax is something we used to add to our laundry to help the detergent work better back in the day. I remember having to use it years and years ago, but not in a long time. I looked in all the different grocery stores trying to find some. Do you think anyone around here carries Borax? Fat chance. I was beginning to doubt it was still being made.

Last Friday I popped into our local little hardware store to see what other kinds of ant bait I might try (sigh) and found some called Terro. It has Borax in it. Oddly (insert Twilight Zone Music here) they had Borax too. I decided to try the Terro first. If it didn't work, then I'd break down and buy that huge box of Borax (enough for my decendents to kill off ants for centuries).

 Terro is a liquid bait. You put a couple drops of it on a piece of cardboard, aluminum foil, or whatever, and leave it on the kitchen counters, or wherever else ants are hangin' out. The ants are supposed to haul off bits of it to the nest where everybody eats it and dies.


According to the box, I was gonna have to put drops out every day for 2 weeks before I'd see results. So yesterday I dutifully put 5 small pieces of baited cardboard out on the kitchen counter near the sugar canister, and the sugar bowl next to the coffee maker, and by the sink. In no time the ants were all over that bait! They were practically fighting over it.

This morning I got up and there is not one single ant of any size anywhere in my house. They are all gone, in less than 24 hours! I didn't have to throw a life jacket into my coffee this morning. It was wonderful! I am going to keep putting bait out for a few more days just to make sure they stay gone.

You got ants? Get some Terro! My goodness that stuff works good!

I wish there was something like that for pine beetles.

Live long and prosper. \\//


  1. I saw the first sugar ant of the season on my desk yesterday. Definitely making a note to look for this stuff!!!

  2. Terro is my favorite stuff ever for getting rid of ants! I've had ants walk into and out of Grant's and thumb their little noses at me. I've tried lots of "non-toxic" things (cinnamon, diatomaceous earth, etc.) which didn't work either. We use the both the small and large liquid bait traps, put up with the resultant swarms for a day, but never more than a day!

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