"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Sunday Ramblings

Has it been 4 days since I posted here? Goodness! But I've been a busy little bee. Never a dull moment here at the Parkarosa.

Saturday was the annual Log Cabin Spinners Spin In. Though I'm no longer a member of the group, I still go to the Spin In every year because it's a lot of fun. This year I took my Navajo spindle. I had this silly idea I'd sit and spin instead of knit. Ha! I couldn't even remember how to get started. Thankfully, Jean, the gal who taught me to begin with (and gave me the spindle) was there and gave me a refresher lesson.

As usual, there was a market of vendors there. I succumbed to some Mountain Colors yarn.

I am a little disappointed though. My favorite vendors were not there. I was hoping to hand over some of my sweet hubbies hard earned money to them.

I did knit for awhile after I had enough spinning. I worked on the Entrelac mitt, which got a LOT of attention! Apparently folks don't see Entrelac very often, if at all. I got to answer lots of questions, and demo a couple times too.

I am sort of up to the beginning of the top ribbing.

I say 'sort of' because, again, I'm not happy with it. Something is wrong with the way I did the thumb, so I'm gonna frog it back and redo it. I checked out the notes written by others on Ravelry who have knit this pattern. Problems with the thumb, amongst other things, is common for this pattern. I think I may know what is wrong now. I'm going to try a couple of the solutions I found. I hope I can make it work.

For the past few days my daughter, Ruth, has been helping me with a project. Several months ago I brought home 3 boxes of  afghan squares that were donated to Knitwits and given to me to assemble into afghans. The first thing needed to be done was all the squares needed to be blocked. That's what we've been working on.

The row of piles in the back are blocked. The two piles in front are the next batches to get blocked. There is another pile not shown in the pic too, but I haven't dragged it out of the box just yet. Ruth is going to help sew them into afghans too. I was feeling just too overwhelmed every time I looked at it. Having her help has been a good inspiration for me to get the task done.

Weather report for the last week? Snow, followed by drowning rain, bits of sun, scourings of hail, blasts of wind, and more snow. I think spring may be around the corner. We're getting the really weird 5 minute weather days again.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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  1. Love the way your mitt is turning out, also the Mountain Colors yarn.

    Yesterday, it was 70 here in Ohio...then we had a freakin' hailstorm and this morning...SNOW! It can calm down any old time now...