"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Lobster Bisque Cardigan

It's nice to have a new addition to my wardrobe. Especially one as warm and snuggly as this one is.

 Lobster Bisque Cardigan

Pattern:  New Wool &Mohair Walking Jacket from Ironstone Kit #795

Lobster Pot Yarns Big Mo Mohair
Color: Lobster Bisque
Content: Mohair/Wool blend
Yarn: Araucania Magallanes
Color: 323
Content: 100% Wool
Yarn: Fingering Weight Acrylic of unknown origin
Color: Pale Peach
Content: 100% Acrylic

Addi Turbo Circular size 11, 13, and 15.

Ladies Large

Cast on:
January 8, 2011
Completed: February 14, 2011

Comments: This is the second time I've knit this pattern. It's a very simple and quick knit, being on size 15 needles with 3 strands of yarn. My only complaint is the sleeve length. The assumption is that if you are wider your arms hang down by your knees. I shortened mine by 2 inches which was perfect.

I made one other change. Instead of the neckband, I made a collar, mostly so it would be a bit different than the first one I made (a different color not being enough) If you want to make a collar too, it's real easy. Pick up the number of stitches pattern requires for neckband, except do it with wrong side facing you, and knit garter stitch for 4 or 5 inches, then bind off. That's all there is to it.

The collar.

 I love the buttons. They are antique plastic that I found in my stash.

The stitch pattern is not carried up the whole sleeve, but I like it that way.

Detail of the bottom welt. Standard 1x1 rib.

It fits well enough that I can button it.

Just call me the giant peach.

All in all, I'm happy with it. I intend to wear it today when I go to Rathdrum Knitalong.


So, I had a productive weekend, as my crafts go, but I didn't accomplish my goal. I wanted to get those 2 beads done for the Italian beading class too. Didn't get them done. The next installment of the class came yesterday. I guess I'll be behind for a few days. That's okay. I can catch up.

Woke up to snow this morning. See? What did I say? 2 more months of winter.

Live long and prosper. \\//


  1. Your Lobster Cardigan is beautiful! I love how it came out. I'm curious, what gauge did you get knitting all those yarns together? This one is in the queue but I haven't gotten to it yet!

  2. Very, very pretty sweater! And I like the color on you. Excellent job. I hope my next sweater turns out as well!

  3. Kate/Massachusetts,
    8 sts = 3.5 inches

  4. That's a beautiful sweater. I usually don't like orange but this one looks soft and subdued. Love it!

  5. Beautiful sweater! I really like the way the collar turned out. Nice choice of yarn, too - looks so cozy and warm. :-)

  6. Wow - what a gorgeous lady. Oh, I was supposed to be looking at/admiring your sweater. You do lovely work. I'm encouraged to keep on with my never-ending sweater.... Fantastic!!

  7. This is a beautiful sweater...and I'm not normally a fan of orange! It looks super soft and warm!