"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


A Bit of Glam

The last two pair of the Christmas gift mitts.

Owlings in Rust Brown Heather

Pattern: Owlings by Kerrie James
Size: Womens medium

Content: 100% Superwash Merino

Needles: Addi Turbo Circular size 6.

Cast on: December 12, 2010
Bound off: December 16, 2010

Comments: I really love the stitch pattern in these mitts, but the pattern design itself ended up being changed. For one thing I do not like the way the thumb is done. Hands aren’t shaped that way. How hard would it have been to actually knit in a thumb gusset? Easy as pie, that’s how. So that’s what I did.

I also finished the top above the owls with 2 rows of 4x1 rib, 2 rows of 1x1 rib, then bound of in rib. I’m not sure why she wants the sewn bind off, except maybe so the beginning and end match? I didn’t need that. I wanted just a bit of a flair, and got it with the 1x1 rib.

The owls came to life when I added their golden eyes done with size 8 seed beads.


'Emerald Mitts' in Denim Heather

Pattern: Emerald Fingerless Mittens by Lucy Sweetland
Size: Womens

Yarn: Vintage by Berroco in Denim Blue
Content:  50% Acrylic, 40% Wool, 10% Nylon

Needles: Addi Turbo Circular size 4.

Cast on: December 16, 2010
Bound off: December 20, 2010

Comments: What a beautiful design! I love it! I did adjust where the thumb gusset goes a bit. One of these days I'll knit a pattern as written. LOL!

I LOVE the yarn I used for these. It's so soft and absolutely delightful to work with. Knitted with size 4 needles makes it absolutely snuggly wuggly. I shall be using this yarn again.

Detail of the stitch pattern. Such a feminine design. It fits the receiver of these mitts perfectly.


Wow! It's Christmas Eve. The last two months just flew by. All the presents are wrapped and under the tree, except the 6 plates of Bacon Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies Ruth and I made yesterday. I put those under the tree and they'll be mauled by 2 cats, then consumed by a very rascally Iggy. I don't wanna even think about how sick that Iggy would be after that. Ick! No, make that Double Ick!

Today I'm going to make a Waldorf salad, roast a large turkey breast, and bake a Coconut Cake for tonights family Christmas Eve dinner. My in-laws are pie people, for the most part. But I'm a cake person so I've decided to go with something I'll love, and hope to, maybe, make a couple of cake converts while I'm at it. I'm trying a new recipe that just sounds so good my mouth waters at the very thought. Sam Champions Coconut Cake, as featured on Good Morning America last week. It's a real pretty cake too. Looks all fluffy. Makes me think of snow. Here's hoping it turns out. I love cake, but I'm not so good at making them as I am pies (I should take a cake class). If it turns out right, I shall take pics. I'm even going to decorate it. I was thinking about silk flowers. (Ha! You actually thought I'd make Poinsettias out of frosting? I want this thing to NOT look like it's bleeding to death, and be edible!)

Now for some knitting talk. You know that sock I've been working on that I showed you on Wednesday? I frogged it. Yeah. Right down to the first loop of the cast on. I was not happy with the size of the sock. It was a very loose fit on me. I had visions of them gathering around my ankles and trying to slip inside my shoes. I needed to take it down a few stitches. I've got the ribbed cuff done already and I'm liking it so much better.

Well, I've got a lot of cooking to do, so I better get to it!

Live long and prosper. \\//

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