"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman



It was a tense day for me yesterday. My back is actually sore from having it all tensed up while I worked to get rid of a virus that attacked my laptop. It started when I went looking for a beading pattern for someone. I googled it, then clicked on one of the links that came up in the search. Suddenly a program is downloading onto my hard drive without my permission, along with a window that said I needed to scan my computer for viruses. Yeah, it was one of those. I shut it down as fast as I could by closing my web browser and turning off my internet connection. It only took me a few seconds to do that. But in that time the virus disabled all of my Virus detection software.

Pc Tools Spyware Doctor/Antivirus 2011 - 1 User/3 PcI use Spyware Doctor and have been pretty happy with it until now. I can't believe how quickly it was shut down. I couldn't even open it to turn it back on. I spent 4 hours getting rid of the virus!I ended up uninstalling Spyware Doctor, then installing it all fresh and new. After I installed it I ran it and it found the nasty bug right away and removed it. But what a pain in the katoosh. The virus should not have been able to disable it like that. I will be sending a letter to the company to let them know of my unhappiness-in a nice way of course.

The 3mm bicone crystals I ordered arrived yesterday too. I hope to get back to working on the internet-class item after I get home today (It's Thursday-knitting class day) In the meantime, other students in the class have had pics of their finished items posted in a photo album created for this purpose. So many beautiful color combinations. I'm super excited to get mine done now.

Live long and prosper. \\//

11 down, 19 to go.

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