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Turkey Highway

We seem to be living on the wild Turkey highway this year. We hardly ever used to see them because my cat, Silver, was quite the hunter.

Though the turkeys are 4 to 5 times larger than he is, he had no qualms about killing one and bringing it home to present to me, and then eat. (I didn't eat it, Silver did) Silver loves turkey. It didn't take long for the turkeys to figure that out and for the last 15 years they have avoided our house like it was full of plague.

Silver is pretty old now. He had his 17th birthday this year. His hunting days are pretty much over. He has arthritis in his back so he moves pretty slowly. He spends most of his time hanging around the house, sleeping on soft pillowy surfaces. He's content to lay in the sun on the chaise lounge and watch the birds and animals stroll by him. The turkeys must know it's safe now because we see some just about every day.

Today, so far, two flocks have been by. Flock the first has a Tom with 12 Hens.

As you can see, this particular Tom's head is kind of pinkish.

The Flock the second came by about a half hour later. This Tom had 6 hens.

His head is a bright red, and he's much larger. I got a good close up of him because he was at the bottom of the steps. Not nearly as skittish as Flock the first.

I am so happy to have them back. So far, grandkitty Lindy is not bothering them. I think, perhaps, she is not quite as courageous as Silver was, preferring to stalk prey much smaller than herself. She also likes to bring whatever she catches into the house live to let it go, causing chaos for her entertainment. I don't see her dragging a live full grown wild turkey through the doggy door. (If I did, it would be a hilarious sight!)

Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl (Two-Disc Collector's Edition)The weekend is cold, wet, and rainy for the most part. I've spent it finishing a couple projects. Yesterday I blocked things, put the neckband on the Navy Textured pullover, and started sewing seams. Today I am finishing up the sewing, while watching all 3 parts of Pirates of the Caribbean. It seems like a good way to spend a dreary weekend.

Live long and prosper. \\//

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