"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Knitting WIPs!

Technically, I should be waiting until tomorrow to post this (Wednesday WIP day) but it's been so long since I've blogged about my knitting wips I can't wait until then.

It took awhile to get the following pictures off my camera and onto my blog. That's because I'm using new software to do it. There's a learning curve. I had to upgrade Paint Shop Pro to the current version. It is vastly different from the version I was using before. Why is it that every time programmers get a hold of a program they have to move the damn buttons around? Or give them a different name? Sheesh guys! If it isn't broke, don't mess with it.

 I had to find a new photo downloading program too because the one that came with my camera is not compatible. In fact, it was the program that brought my new laptop down when I tried to install it. There's a work around on the Sony web site, but I decided it was more hassle than it was worth. I'm using the Corel Photo Downloader now. It will take a bit of getting used to.

So, here's what I'm knitting at the moment. You'll notice no socks. I've put the socks aside for a bit while I get the Navy Textured pullover done. It's supposed to be a Christmas present for someone, so I better get crackin'. Anyway, one of the things I have not mentioned is that while on our long road trip I worked on this sweater. I had the back done, and was half way through the front when I suddenly realized I had knit the wrong size for the back. I thought I did size Medium, but in fact did size Small. I noticde it because the back was not as wide as the front. That's what I get for not taking a highlighter and marking all the numbers that apply to the size. I got extremely frustrated and tossed the garment across the trailer. Then I picked it up, stuffed it in the knitting bag, and banished it to the "I'll think about it" closet in my brain.

I had 2 choices, reknit the front to small and hope it fits (Ha ha ha!!!! I crack myself up!), or frog and reknit the back. I decided the second choice is the wiser. So, after I finished the front I did another back, this time the right size. Rather than unraveling the 'wrong' back into a ball, I just knit right off it, unraveling as I went. It worked out pretty good that way. Somehow it made the whole sorry situation easier to face. I got the back done in record time. I've attached the two pieces together via the shoulder seams.

The instructions said to bind off the shoulder stitches, then sew the seams. Instead, I put the stitches on holders, then did the 3-needle bind off. It makes such a nice shoulder seam to do it that way. Firm, yet stretchy, and very little bulk. I'll go to a lot of trouble to put shoulder seams together this way.

Here's how it looks from the right side (unblocked)

This is the seam from the wrong side.

Along with the sweater I've also been working on a lace stole for Knitwits. I'm using a pale yellow Red Heart yarn in sport weight called Soft Baby.

It's working up nicely and it's easy to do. I can work on it while chatting with folks.

I have finished knitting the purple boucle' shrug I am making for Knitwits. It just needs to be blocked and the sleeve seams sewn.

I should mention that Tommy is doing fine. He's all healed up now. I am now working on teaching him to be calmer when another animal comes in the yard. I don't want him chasing after them. The judicious use of a squirt bottle is working wonders with the boy, though I've got a long ways to go yet because it takes him a long time to learn anything.

Tomorrow, the plan is to show pics of my latest beaded ornament cover. I finally finished it last night. Woot!

Live long and prosper. \\//


  1. Your projects are really beautiful! Are they your designs? I love texture and cables.

  2. Hi Kate. Thanks. They're not my designs. The sweater is from Berroco, and the shawl is a Knitting Daily pattern. I'll have more details on that when I write their FO posts.

  3. I love the look of that RH Baby soft! I'm going to have to get a skein and try it! It looks so light and fluffy! Is it soft?

  4. The sweater seam looks really nice. I love that RH Baby Soft for items I know the recipient will want to machine wash.

    Tami, yes, it is very soft. I would say about as soft as Simply Soft. RH used to make a Soft version of their regular yarn, but I think they switched that to the TLC Essentials now.

  5. Nice to see you and your knitting back online! That stole looks amazingly soft and what a pretty pattern!

  6. I am still getting teased regularly for making a "smedium" sweater this summer.

  7. Beautiful work. I especially like the different textures in the sweater. And your shoulder seams are to die for! :-)