"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Star Donut Pendant

I have finished my beaded donut project. Well, the donut part of the donut project. I still have to make a necklace to hang it on.



Both sides are so pretty I see it as a reversible pendant. Basically it's a bezel for a donut. I was attracted by the star in the center. I'd never seen a donut done this way before.  I used a 40mm stone donut (I don't know what kind of stone),  size 11 and 15 seed beads in metallic brown, and size 15 seed beads in silver lined light topaz. The pattern calls for delicas. I do not have a local source of delicas, so I used the regular Japanese 11's and adjusted the pattern accordingly to make up for the larger size in the beads.

The pattern for this is on the French blog Bienvenue Chez Fly. Look for the November 8, 2009 post. I can't link to it because the way she has her blog set up the link changes when she adds a new post. You will need to click on the picture of each pattern page, then save the picture on your hard drive, or print it.

I finally got the elusive Miss Turkey in my camera lens. She started running just as I clicked the pic, so part of her is blurry. She sure is a shy one!

Excuse the mess behind her. A moose keeps knocking the bird bath off its pedestal, so in the interest of keeping it from breaking (it's developed cracks), I've decided to leave it that way for now. Oh, and the moose also keeps knocking over that little feeder. I'm starting to think about replacing my paint gun, though after watching Jack Hanna on Good Morning America this morning and his deadly encounter with a Grizzly Bear, I'm wondering about pepper spray.

Have a nice evening.


  1. i can't begin to tell you how much i love this piece! it's just gorgeous! thanks for the link to the project directions. now i just need to search my stash for donuts! :)

  2. Linda Jo...
    Now you are hitting my passions!
    Yummy! love this, it is one of your
    best creations!

  3. Oh, forgot to comment on the bears...
    pack heat, honey! Pepper spray does not work! Grand kids had one raiding
    their camp above Stanley a couple weeks ago....They were all in their tents. Brenn listened to him for an
    hour before telling her Dad and Brother. He was after their knapsacks...lucky of which was high in a tree....Very scary stuff!

  4. I love this donut! Thanks for sharing the link!

    Your work is gorgeous!

  5. That is a great-looking piece -- I don't generally "do donuts" but that approach may be worth a try.

    Don't trust pepper spray as a bear repellent. My suspicion is that it will only anger the beast and put you in more danger. And, if you choose to "pack heat", make it heavy-duty, and practice with it.

    Circumstances and foolish people have accustomed wildlife to humans so much that they are far more dangerous than just a few years ago. I just don't camp out in bear country, these days.