"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


I Banished the White Stripe

Remember this?

It looks like this now.

I am awesome. That is all there is to it.

What did I do? I frogged back to where the white begins and cut the yarn there. Then I cut the other end of the white part off the main ball. So that removed the white-which I gave to Judy since she seemed to form an instant emotional attachment to it when she heard I was taking it out.

I have a small ball of yarn that I had to more or less 'throw away' when figuring out where to cast on the second sock in the colorway pattern so it will match the first (I kept it just in case I would need it at the end of the toe. Remember, I'm not quite sure I have enough yarn for the whole sock). There was some pinky/purple in the ball, but not quite enough of it, so I pulled a bit of the other end of the main ball of yarn until I found that funky pinky purple. Thankfully, it was just a couple feet in. I cut enough of that pinky part so when combined with the first piece of pinky purple it would give me the same length as the white piece I cut out plus a few inches for joining. Then I Russian Joined everything together and voila! It's fixed.

Have you seen a more perfect match of stripes between two sock legs in all your life?

No applause please. You'll make me blush. I'm ready to start the heel flap now. Hurray!

I've started working on the shrug I started last month for Knitwits. I worked on it Tuesday at the Rathdrum KAL group meeting because my brain was so distracted I didn't think I could handle anything more complicated. I managed to get a few inches done.

The green knitting bag I'm carrying it around in is a knit felted little number I made a few years ago.

It's the pattern My Constant Companion by Janet Scanlon. I love the pattern so much I've made 3 of them - 2 of which I kept for me. You should check out her patterns. She has quite a talent for felted bag/purse designing.

I had my class this morning and actually had a student. She had a whole list of questions about how to do this and that and the other thing. I taught her all the answers and she went away feeling learned (and like she'd got her money's worth). I call that a successful class.

Speaking of class, I found this wonderful tutorial for a really easy way to do a Provisional Cast On. I don't know why I didn't think of doing it this way myself. It's so simple.

Have a good day.


  1. Excellent job matching the cuffs. You are such a smart knitter. :-)