"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Morgan is Okay

Yesterday, in preparation for the much anticipated road trip we're taking next month, I took the boys to see the doc for checkups and shots. Tommy is fine, as usual. He's gained a pound, but I expected that during the winter. He'll start losing that pound now that he's running around outside and getting exercise.

The results of Morgans exam surprised me. He is doing better now than he was last fall. Heart's good, lungs good, teeth are even good. He's still blind, and he's got some 'old dog' things going on (new moles, a couple of those small fat tumors he's had before), but other than that, he's gold. I am so happy to hear it. He had such bad days during the winter I really wasn't expecting this nice surprise.

Morgan poses for the camera. I couldn't get him to look up at me. I kept making funny sounds to get him to look up. Wasn't until this morning that I remembered he's deaf and can't hear me.(Clearly, I haven't adjusted to that as well as he has.)

The doctor did take another look at the cyst under his chin. We've talked about having surgery to drain it several times now. She asked if she could try pulling the liquid out with a needle, draining it that way first. I said yes. Unfortunately, it didn't work. The stuff is very very thick, and there's apparently plenty of scar tissue in the way too. (Interesting) We have decided no surgery. It's not hurting him in any way, just ugly. The risk of surgery at his age doesn't make it worth it. So, she gave him his shots and we went home.

Chenille gave him a hug swipe in sympathy for having to go see the mean doctor and get shots.

Tommy was not interested in cameras. He was too busy running in and out the doggy door to track grass into the house.

He managed to track quite a bit in. I guess all that practice makes perfect.

There is a webcam that we have found that is absolutely fascinating. A pair of Bald Eagles have a baby in the nest. I actually got to watch mamma feed baby his breakfast this morning. Be careful, it can be addicting.

I was going to knit out on the deck after we got home but the city of Rathdrum decided to burn garbage in their dump, which is fairly close to us, and the wind blew all the really nasty smelling smoke toward us. I hate the smell of burning plastic. Yuck! Couldn't even have the windows open and enjoy the scent of the blooming flowering plum out front. I'm hoping for better luck today. The sun is shining. A step in the right direction.

Have a great day.


  1. The eagles have been added to my favorites! (I got to see feeding too!)
    You might be interested in a few more like this...
    http://www.state.nj.us/dep/fgw/peregrinecam/jcp-live.htm is a pair of peregrin falcons nesting in a special box on top of a building in downtown Jersey City, NJ... four chicks!
    is a pair of ospreys at a loch in Scotland... three eggs soon to hatch!
    is a loon nest in Minnesota... still waiting on hatching.

  2. So happy to read that Morgan got a good checkup. I'm dealing with a sweet geriatric dog, too. My Wilbur will be 13 in September and, while healthy in all the important ways, may have had a small stroke over the winter. He is now pretty much deaf and has a hard time swallowing liquids. The winter was hard for us, too, but I worked 24/7 (literally!) with him, and he's thriving again. Best wishes to you and Morgan!