"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Blocked Shrug

I blocked the lace shrug yesterday. This is a pre-blocked pic.

This is the shrug pinned out, right side down. I pinned just inside the garter stitch border because I wanted the lace stretched, but not the border. I steamed inside the pinned part, avoiding the border.

This is the shrug after it's been steamed, dried, and unpinned.

Please note the fabric still has body and fluff. It is not 'killed'. Killed acrylic is flat with no elasticity in it. Very limp and drapey too. Gentle steaming does not kill acrylic.

Next on the list-sewing the cuff seams. Then it will be done. YAY!

Waiting in the wings:

This is an unfinished vest that was donated to Knitwits. I am going to finish it, which requires some blocking, seaming, and knitting on the armhole and neckbands.

Fortunately, they donated the pattern and half a skein of leftover yarn with it. The yarn is Caron Dazzleaire (a discontinued yarn) in Heather Green. I plan to get this done before our next meeting on Wednesday.

I am about 4 inches into the leg of the first Monkey sock. It is such a fun knit. I had the pattern memorized after the first repeat was done. I'd forgotten how quick it works up too.

Chenille was caught enjoying a blanket with Daddy on the couch.

Have a great day.

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