"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Location, Location, Location

Day 5 Topic:
Where do you like to indulge in your craft? Is your favourite arm chair your little knitting cubby area, or do you prefer to ‘knit in public’? Do you like to crochet in the great outdoors, perhaps, or knit in the bath, or at the pub? (Tag: knitcroblo5)

When I'm knitting at home there are two places I do it. In the Hug and on the deck.

Ruth and Lindy enjoy The Hug.

The Hug is my Lazyboy leather recliner. It is the most comfortable chair I've ever had the pleasure of sitting in. It is flanked by an end table on the left. On the right is an Ott Floor Lamp and one of those knitting bag stands with the wooden frame. I usually knit while watching tv or dvds.

I love my deck.

Sweet Hubby was the master designer and builder of it. We, the family, helped. It's a peaceful place with a beautiful view and very comfortable furniture. This year I'm taking advantage of being out there on it as much as possible. I will be planting marigolds in the flower boxes. A couple years ago I discovered that moose and deer don't like marigolds.

When not home I knit practically every where. I knit at the 3 knitting groups I participate in. I always take my knitting with me because I never know when I'm going to be stuck somewhere idle and waiting. I knit in waiting rooms. I knit in line at the DMV. A couple summers ago we went camping and it was so hot out I sat in the north fork of the Coeur d'Alene River while knitting a sock. The yarn was superwash, so I wasn't worried. I take my little sock bag on hikes because with the gimpy leg my hiking ability is limited. When it gets to be too much, I find a nice spot, sit down, and knit while I wait for Sweet Hubby to go on up to the destination and come back. That's what I was doing in this photo. Waiting for the family to come back from hiking beyond where I could go.

Yesterday I knit in McDonalds while I killed some time before my next appointment at Toyota where I knitted while waiting for them to replace the drive belts in my daughters car. I have even knitted while stuck in a traffic jam on the freeway. Knitting keeps the impatience at bay. (Please note, I NEVER knit when the car is moving.). Lately I've even been knitting while riding as a passenger in a car. I never could do that when I was younger. It always made me sick. So this is a nice development.

I'm a knitter, and proud of it.


  1. Your hubby did a great job on the deck. Looks like a terrific place to sit and knit.

  2. Yep, I agree with Janet - looks lovely and peaceful :-)

  3. Your deck looks like such a relaxing knitting spot! And I bet that chair is super cozy in the winter. : )