"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman



I am still coughing! I'm getting better, but it's in such small increments I could scream. Today I forced myself to do stuff around the house. Mostly laundry. Doug didn't have any clean pants to wear to work, so I felt I better do something about that.

Today is the first day that I can breath out and not feel bubbles in my chest, so I know I'm getting better. I just have to be patient and take care of myself. I do wish I'd gone to the doctor sooner-like as soon as I started coughing. I know I'm in a bad way when I get a cough. I need to be more pro active when one comes knocking at my door-or lungs, as the case may be so this doesn't happen again.

Over the weekend I had a Star Trek Movie marathon. Then I watched the first 2 DVD's of my new set.

It arrived Saturday. Way sooner than I was expecting. All the disks seem to be in good shape (there are a lot of them so I checked). Hopefully, they will all play properly. It's going to take awhile to get through them. 176 episodes, 7 years worth. It will be fun watching them.

I did a little knitting. I was given another unfinished sweater from Knitwits to finish. It's a tank top. It needed armhole and neck bands-all of which are done now. I had enough yarn to do both, thankfully. It desperately needs to be washed before I take pictures of it. It's made of a very nice dressy wool with a crepe twist in an off white. The knitting job on it isn't very good. Lots of uneven stitches, and a few mistakes too. For instance, on the front they decreased two stitches in from the edge on the armholes, but the back is decreased 3 stitches in. The bands look fantastic. (ha ha!) This must have been made by a very inexperienced knitter. I'm hoping washing and blocking will improve how it looks.

I was also given a partially knit scarf to finish. There isn't enough of the yarn to finish it as it came to me, in a sort of broken rib pattern. Yesterday I unraveled the whole thing. It's made of a very very old fake mohair called Dawn Mohspun (Now there's a blast from the past-the 1950's to be precise), knit with 2 strands together. 100% Orlon Acrylic, and a very ugly green/brown color. The yarn is in great shape, but feels kind of yucky. Oh well. I'm now knitting it up into a lacy scarf using my Mohair Lace scarf pattern. I'll get a whole scarf with the amount of yarn I've got with this pattern.

Well, the dryer is buzzing so I better get to work.

Have a nice evening.

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