"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


A Charitable Opportunity

Yesterday I was hangin' out at my friends shop, CDA Yarn and Fiber, knitting with my peeps (no students showed up for my class, but Judy did, so it turned into an impromptu Stitch and Bitch session) when we started talking about the annual Festival of Trees held at the Coeur d'Alene Resort every Christmas. Businesses and individuals come together to decorate and donate lavish Christmas trees and displays which are enjoyed by attendees and ultimately sold at auction. Each year proceeds raised at the festival help fund needed services at the Kootenai Health Foundation.

I came up with this crazy idea-why don't we sponsor a tree this year with a knitting theme? Well, the idea was taken, and we're running with it. I've been put in charge of the project. I am SO excited!

So, I'm asking my readers to please please, if you have some ideas, links to patterns, or whatever, leave them in the comments section? I want this tree to be super fantastic. Typically, the FofT trees bring in thousands of dollars each. I want our tree to be worthy of such a thing. It has to be beautiful and feature a knitting theme. I've got 'til next Christmas to pull this together.

Here is a WIP.

A baby boy has been born into our family recently so I'm making him one of my favorite baby cardigan patterns. It's coming along nicely, so far. I'm doing all this cabling without a cable needle. I still get great pleasure doing that.

Still haven't started the lace shawl for the kal. Second clue was posted yesterday too. I need to get on the ball!

We have had a moose in our yard this week, so they are back. (It was very early morning, before the sun came up, so I couldn't take a pic.) It was hanging around the garden fence munching on bushes. How do they know moose hunting season is over? It baffles me.

I thought I might just mention, since there have been hints in previous posts-yes, there has been emotional turmoil in our house. Our daughter, Ruth, will not be returning to school this semester. She wants to take a break. After discussion (and tears) we've decided to let her come home for that rest. I think she's pretty burned out. It's a shame, because she is so close to graduating. Sometimes we have to put our health first though. She plans to return to school and finish next fall. (Keepin' my fingers crossed on that one.) Now we are busily moving her out of her apartment in Moscow (Idaho) and back into our house. Where are we gonna put all this stuff?

I was pretty upset for a few days. But I'm getting over it now. We will turn this lemon into lemonade.

Have a great day.


  1. http://danceswithwool.wordpress.com/page/2/

    There are some cute knitted ornaments here.

    My town sponsors "mitten trees" every year where people decorate the tree with wool hats and mittens which are given to charity after Christmas. Might that work for your project?

  2. I have some wash clothes that I made. I think I may go make something else, too. I'll have to drop them off with you so they can be mailed!

    Also, does it have to be strictly knitting? What if a crochetter wants to contribute, too?

  3. @Sarah

    Hi sweetie (she's my daughter),
    "What if a crochetter wants to contribute, too?"

    I'm sorry, this is going to be knitting only.

    Though I appreciate your wanting to donate the wash cloths, that isn't what I was thinking of for ornaments. We've been talking little mittens, socks, and actual knitted ornaments.

  4. Just in case you change your mind and it is not totally knitting, here is another pretty idea:


  5. "Though I appreciate your wanting to donate the wash cloths, that isn't what I was thinking of for ornaments. We've been talking little mittens, socks, and actual knitted ornaments."

    Wash clothes are for Alaura, silly. You don't put wash clothes on a tree.

    Too bad, knitting only. Cause I though this garland was pretty and cost effective. Have fun with your knitting-only tree. :P

  6. Every person is their own unique case of course, but if it helps to allay any worries... I took a semester off of college (Fall) and I DID return the next Spring and finish. My Mom was worried I wouldn't just like you are about Ruth... but I did. And Ruth may too.

    Ornaments... there are free patterns for tiny sweaters and things on the Berrocco website.