"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


The Solution to the Problem

Friday's mammogram went well, though I'm still a little sore from being squashed between two chunks of plastic like a fly under a flyswatter. They have a new machine. It takes much better pictures in digital format. The technician said there's a whole lot more detail in the pictures so I probably won't have to have an ultra sound when they rediscover the cysts in there that I've had for a few years now. Keepin' my fingers crossed. They read the pics tomorrow.

I finished knitting the fingerless gloves. I need to weave in a couple ends and block them. I will take pictures after I've done that.

I also have been beading. I whipped up another Octabead keychain to send to a friend as a gift. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a pic before I rushed it to the post office Friday. It's so pretty too. I used some Amazonite along with some deep teal seed beads. Darn, I wish I'd remembered to take that pic. Maybe I can prevail upon my friend to take a pic for me after he gets it.

I'm making a necklace for my niece (who's name I got in the family gift exchange). I've done one Octabead using pink pearls, and two Bubochkis. I will try to take pics later today. The Bubochkis are fun. They work up quickly. The pattern was all in Russian but the pictures were really good, and Google did a fairly decent job of translating the materials list for me.

Yesterday we spent the day solving our broken tractor problems. There was much discussion, examining all our options. I really didn't want to do this, but it is the best solution. We bought a new tractor. This is it. My hubbies dream machine. A John Deere.

The economy is down, so we go in dept. Urg. We need to have a reliable tractor though and since the ol' blue Ford is definitely no longer reliable, and costing a fortune to fix...well, you know. We got a pretty good deal on it, a no-interest loan (YAY!), and it'll be paid off in 3 years. We'll have to pinch the pennies for that time, but I can do that. I've done it before. The new tractor will be delivered on Tuesday.

We plan to hire nephew Shawn to repair the old one for us (he did the last major repairs), then we'll sell it. He won't be under a time constraint to get it done, which will make him happy, and we don't have to worry about snow storms while we're waiting.

There will be no more hand painted sock yarn ordered for awhile. I will be forced to use my stash. Oh, the HORROR! Tee hee! Unfortunately, or fortunately-depending on how one looks at it- I had already ordered some before the tractor broke down (last Fridays offerings on Impulse of Delight got the better of me). So I have two luscious skeins coming. Those will have to hold me for awhile.

Gee, how will I stand it? Shopping from my own four boxes of luscious sock yarns over the next couple of years to knit socks. Sigh..... LOL! It's harder than you think.

Our weather has been nice. We had the nasty snow storm on Wednesday, but since then we've had sunshine and rain the past few days. On Thursday it was almost springlike it got so warm. The weather predictors say there's scant to no chance of having snow for Christmas. I'm okay with that. I'd prefer it wait until afterward. I suspect, though, now that we have a new tractor, not one flake will fall on our ground the rest of the winter.

Have a great day.

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