"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


First Snow of the Season

Mobster Spock, and Kirk.

As I type this, there is snow falling outside my living room window. Yes, I said snow.

Winter has arrived. Morgan refuses to get out of bed. I don't blame him.

Snow before November. That is something--------cruel. Rumor has it that it will melt off later. Good news.

I've got a busy day today too. I've got my knitting class this morning. With snow I doubt any one will show up, but I have to be there just in case.

After class I'm taking a few things to the down town Coeur d'Alene Library. They are having a fiber/fabric exhibit in November and I am entering a few things for said exhibit. It was kind of hard to decide what to take down there because most of the really fantastic knitting I've done is no longer in my possession. I'm going to take my Pomatomus socks, a lace mohair scarf, a jacket I machine knit for my daughter several years ago (that hardly got worn but did win best of show at the fair that year), and I'm thinking about one of my bead knitted amulet bags. I'll let the exhibit organizers decide if they want any of them or not.

We had a bit of a chew fest in this house last night.

Mmmm, chews.

Have a good day.


  1. It's snowing here, too - funnily enough, my greyhound Eowyn LOVES the snow - goes all crazy happy spinny in it. Hates rain, won't leave the house if it's wet, but loves snow... go figure!

  2. HI! Linda Jo,
    I completely agree with your statement about the big "3" religions. Although, we may not agree on religion in general, we can all agree on that!

    I just love your little bootees! I am just learning to knit felted purses. On my first one, but I can see where this could be dangerous!
    Still working on more of the daggers and drops bags. I try to post a new one every month.

    Fellow Bead knitter,
    Cindy Hulsey

  3. HI! again,
    Also, who knew we had so much more in common than just Beaded Knitting. I have the whole original Star trek series on VHS! Spock is a babe!