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Baby Bootees, Beaded Beads, and Spock

I think I'll start every blog post this month with Spock. LOL!

Wow! I've had a lot of comments for the contest. More than ever before. I announced it on Ravelry and poof! I've always announced my contests on Ravelry before, but never got much of a response. Thank you for the interest!

The first pair of baby bootees for Knitwits is done.

Baby Booties for Knitwits

Pattern: Free Seamless Baby Bootees by Megan Mills

Opal Petticoat color #1296
Content: 75% superwash Wool/ 25% Nylon

Addi Turbo Circular size 2.

0-3 months

Cast on:
September 30, 2009

Bound off:
October 3, 2009

Comments: This is a fun pattern. Well written, easy to understand. By the way, this is the third project I've made with this skein of yarn. It's all gone now.

There's a reason why I chose it. I own 50 Baby Bootees To Knit by Zoe Mellor. I was going to choose some of these patterns to make for Knitwits call for bootees. However, the patterns are knitted flat, then seamed. I want to do them circular so there's no seam. Rather than tax my brain figuring out how to adjust the patterns, I went in search of a pattern someone else came up with doing the brain work for me. It was an easy search in Ravelry's pattern library. Now I will apply what I learned from this project to the patterns in the book.

Here are easy instructions for grafting the sole stitches as they end up when the knitting is finished. I got this info from Rav member Hellahelen's notes (she knit these bootees too):

Insert yarn as if to purl in first stitch of front needle, drop it of the needle, insert yarn as if to knit in next stitch on front needle, leave it on the needle; insert yarn as if to purl on first stitch on back needle, drop it off the needle, insert yarn as if to knit in next stitch on back needle, leave it on the needle, repeat from.

I have also finished a couple beaded beads for my key chains/yarn swap.

I went shopping last week for key rings to put them on. I checked the local bead shops first-they had none. I ended up at Michaels. They had lots. I was going to get the traditional split ring type, but then I saw these and changed my mind. They are similar to the Tiffany key rings (made by the famous jewelers) but not made of solid silver. Mine are silver plate. My beaded beads deserve something better than a plain ol' split ring.

Now, this next bit of news is gonna sound horrible to some people, but it needs to be done. As much as I enjoy the moose we have around here, the simple fact is that there's way too many of them. They are seriously overpopulated. Typically, a moose needs at least 5 square miles of space to live properly. We've got way more than that in our area. Since the Fish and Game Dept. has refused to come out and move any of them, there is only one other solution to the problem. So, I found a couple guys who have won moose tags for this area for this years hunting season. Yesterday we 'hired' them to hunt on our property (in exchange for a roast and a few steaks). They both have cow tags. They promised to leave Big Mama alone since she has babies. The other cows are fair game.

We did not get the floor finished. Saturday was our annual Parktoberfest. This year it was extra fun, so we got home rather late. 3am is a bit more than our bodies seem to be able to handle, so we both opted to spend Sunday recovering from the party instead of laying floor.

Tomorrow is Morgan's follow-up appointment with the eye specialist to see if the meds I've been putting in his eyes every day is doing any good. I don't think it is. He's still bumping into things.

Have a good day.

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