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The Last Set

I have finished the last set of beaded beads I'm making for the swap.

Please notice the absence of pink from the Rainbow of Octahedrons.

I started out wanting to do pastel colors, but I didn't have any pastel orange or green that I liked for this project, so I used the ones I do like, which negated the whole pastel idea. Well, then I decided I wanted to use transparent colored beads along with the rainbow idea since all 3 were made with transparent beads.

That led to finding these lovely a/b transparent blue beads in my Czech bead collection (didn't have anything I liked for this in the Japanese seed bead collection). The pink, though being transparent, looked too washed out with the rest of them. Employ scissors-no more pink. I like this red much better. I had to separate them from a bead soup of several different shades of red to get them. What we do for our craft!

That is the creative process that went through my brain as I made these. My ideas evolve on the fly most of the time.

I want to add a purple one to make the rainbow complete, but we're supposed to do sets of 5, not 6. So I will just have to ignore the impulse. Sigh......

Have a great weekend.

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  1. Beautiful octahedra! You could always make one in purple and keep that one for yourself :)