"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Cough Cough!

We had a fabulous camping trip in the most beautiful place on earth (and I've been to some really beautiful places) with Sweet Hubbys family. There is no other place as beautiful as Priest Lake. I love it up there.

The weather was hot, but the lake was so refreshing. We kayaked and hiked. Some rode their bikes. We ate really really good, celebrated Sweet Hubby and BIL's 50th birthday, daughter Ruths 22nd birthday, and had a really great time together.

Dan, Ruth, and Sweet Hubby kayaked to the upper end of Upper Priest Lake to Navigation camp ground, which is an 18 mile trek. When they got there they went up partway on Upper Priest River. Ruth found petrified wood along the river. She's pretty excited about that.

Morgan and Tommy did much better this trip. Morgan was much more relaxed and took things in stride. I took him on several walks with just me and let him sniff to his hearts content. He especially enjoyed the heat. He loves it when the mercury hits 90 and above.

I took my knitting and beading, as usual. This time I knitted lots and didn't bead at all. I've got the Bayerische bug. I have to finish those socks in time for the fair. I'm halfway down the toe of the first sock. It's a time consuming pattern. Lots of cables and twists. It's going well though. I plan to really concentrate on them over the next 2 weeks.

I will have pics of our trip later. I took my camera, but never used it. Sis Sue, however, took lots of pics, some just for me. As soon as she sends them to me I'll post 'em.

When we got home I discovered something bad. Chenille had managed to hide herself in my bedroom and was trapped there the whole time we were gone. No food, or water, for 4 days in a hot room. Boy, was she pissed when I opened the door. She's okay, but she sure let me know in no uncertain terms what she thought of the whole deal. We looked for her before we left, but we didn't find her, so I figured she was outside. As far as I'm concerned, it's her own fault for hiding in there.

The heat is still going on today. It's supposed to get up into the mid 90's. On top of that, some where upwind there is a wildfire that is smoking us up pretty bad. My eyes itch like crazy, and I'm coughing up a storm. I will be spending most of my time indoors to avoid any asthma attacks the smoke could cause.

Have a good day.

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