"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Thunder and Lightening!

Last night was quite the something. I got very little sleep because it was so noisy. Storms rolled down from Canada. I don't think I've ever seen so much lightening in one evening. It flashed constantly, and the thunder rolled and rolled over the house. I have always wanted to take pictures of lightening, so I grabbed my wonderful camera (did I mention I love my camera?) and gave it a try. I took a LOT of shots. Most came out either black, or bright white. But I got lucky 4 times. I am so thrilled! Here they are.

During the day, before the storms and the fun I spent my time planning and starting the execution of that plan. We are going camping again. We're leaving Wednesday and will be gone until Sunday afternoon. First I generated my basic camping list (a file on my computer) and printed it out. Then I added the modifications cos each camping trip has something a little different about it-like the menu.

Next, I went food shopping. Is it my imagination? Or have food prices skyrocketed over the last few months? The produce prices made my hair stand on end. A package of 12 slices of swiss cheese is now over $7.00. Urg!

I was getting all excited about potato chips being on sale 2 for $6. Then, all of a sudden I realized- that's $3 a bag-on sale! Wasn't it just recently I got them 2 for $3.00? Yikes!

And then there's the con jobs. Huh? On top of the chip bag it says "20% more free!". It's a 14.5 oz bag. Isn't that the usual size? Uh-oh!

We're having fahitas on this trip, so I needed a package of flour tortillas. How many tortillas are usually in a package? 10, right? And yet the package says "20% More FREE. 10 instead of 8!" Ummm...what? Okay you guys, I'm on to you!!!!

I hate grocery shopping.

I have been knitting since I finished the Mexican Waters Lattice socks. I frogged, then started over my Bayerische socks. I am on a roll too. I figured out how to do the stitch pattern without a cable needle and now I'm just speeding along. 4 more rows and I'll be starting a heel flap. Woot!

Yeah, that's a dirt stripe in there. I was in a place where I couldn't wash my hands, but I was too bored not to knit, so I went ahead. It will wash out, I can assure you. Just dust on the hands.

I love this pattern. Lots of twisted rib-one of my favorites. It's so cool looking. I intend to finish these in time to enter in the fair. They will be going with me on the camping trip.

Have a great day.

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