"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


A Hummingbird in the Hand

I was peacefully checking my email a bit ago. The door was open so the cool breeze could blow in the house and cool me off. A hummingbird buzzed in. Now, the last time this happened (yes, more than once) I was able to chase it to the open door with a broom and it flew out. But not this one. This one had a stubborn streak. It refused to fly in the direction I wanted it to. I ended up having to throw a dish towel over it, then grabbing it with my hand. I didn't want to do that cos I was afraid of breaking it's tiny little wings. I mean, a dish towel is mighty big when compared to the size of a hummingbird. I was as gentle as I could be.

My daughter took a picture of it for me just before I let it go.

Thankfully, it was not injured in any way and flew off quite happily.

The Parkarosa. Never a dull moment.

Which reminds me, while I was away at the Rathdrum Knitalong meeting Ruth caught the chipmunk and took it outside. It bit her in the process. It was absolutely terrified, oor little thing. Silly girl. Forgot to put on the leather gloves we have just for this purpose. She's okay. The bite was properly cleaned and swabbed in antibiotic ointment. It's healing nicely.

Have a great day.

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