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Camping in Montana

Got a lot to catch up on, so this is gonna be a long post.

We returned from our camping trip on Sunday afternoon (I haven't felt like blogging). It was a very nice weekend. The weather cooperated, and I had fun. Here are some pics from the trip.

We camped on Bull River, which is in the Montana mountains.

Ruth and I took Tommy and Morgan for a walk along the river.

This is the valley that Bull River runs through.

One of our little mini side trips was to visit the Cabinet Gorge Dam

SIL Sue and her dog, Tripper. Tripper preferred to stay away from the edge of the viewing area because it was a long way down.

Ruth enjoyed the gorge from a geologist point of view. I learned quite a bit about it from her.

Our next side trip was to visit a Cabinet Mountains Cedar Grove. We Parks have a 'thing' for cedar groves.

Here's Ruth trying out the hollow middle of a tree.

Speaking of hollow tree middles. This one was really cool. Nathan is yelling "Hey, this is cool. Lets climb inside!" Ruth runs at the opportunity.

I took this picture by poking my camera inside a hole around the roots, pointing it up, and hitting the button. Yes, we had 4 people in there-plus a dog. Tommy was there too, though the camera didn't catch him. Cedar trees are BIG!

Of course, if you climb in, you usually have to climb back out. Nathan was first, but I missed him. Next was Ruth, Sue, then Sweet Hubby.

The size and beauty of these trees is very awe inspiring.

This was a spot between 2 logs thick with a carpet of Spring Beauties.

Sweet Hubby, his twin brother, Tripper, and Tommy-trying out a log.

Of course, Ruth found the big rock.

Tommy sez "Come on Mom, you're holding us up!"

We didn't take Morgan on the walk with us. This was his first camping trip as a blind little guy and being in the wild terrified him. So we parked in a nice shady place and left him in the truck. He was perfectly happy taking a nap while we were away. After we returned, I made him walk with us to the picnic table and let him explore new scents. We walked pretty slow. Having a blind dog is going to be quite an adjustment for both of us.

Now, that is some root ball!

Tripper posed for me while we ate a picnic lunch.

When we returned to camp, the boys chilled for a bit.

There were tons of Ocean Spray bushes blooming in the area. They are so pretty. This bee was working hard on Ocean Spray duty for the hive.

His little pollen sacks were just about bursting.

We ate good, as usual. The first night we had hamburger and hot dogs, potato salad, and fresh fruit. Second night was bar-b-cued steak with garlic mashed potatoes, salad, etc. This is Sue chopping lots and lots of garlic.

That's my bead box in front of her. I beaded, rather than knitted-even though I took my knitting with me. It was very hot and muggy. I just couldn't bring myself to put wool in my hands, even if it is Malabrigo. I will post what I beaded tomorrow.

The last night we had Chicken Marsala cooked in Sue's Dutch Oven, along with garlic bread, salad, and pasta.

Our camp site.

Dan and Sues' camp site next door.

All in all, a beautiful place to spend some camping time.

Have a good day.


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