"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Wedding Mitts

Wedding Mitts for Sarah

Detail of stitch pattern with beads.

Presto Mitts by Robbyn Kenyon

Cast on:
June 15. 2009
Bound off:
June 26, 2009

One size fits most

Alpaca with a Twist by Fino in Champagne (#0098) knit with 2 strands held together.

Addi Turbo Circular size 2.

A very satisfying knit. Fairly easy, but not too easy to be boring. The pattern is very well written. I used size 8 beads instead of 6's (or E beads) because they fit better and look more elegant. 6's are too big for fingering weight yarn.

I am so glad I got these done in time for the wedding.


The bachelorette party went very very well. The food turned out great, lots of ladies showed up, and much fun was had by all despite the lack of a Chippendale hopping out of a cake. My daughters friends are such a blast to be with. I did not take pics. Too busy being the hostess. However, there were lots of cameras there. I'm hoping to get some from them.

Today: Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Not until this evening though. I intend to chill for the day. The weather is perfect! Couldn't ask for better.

Have a good day. I know I will.

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  1. So beautiful! And again, good luck on the big day...if I remember mine as well as I think I do the mom needs just as much luck as the bride:)