"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


No, My Car Isn't Yellow. Why Do You Ask?

The pines are in bloom.

My eyes are filled with goo, my eyelids feel like sand paper, my throat is sore, I'm coughing up all kinds of phlegm, and my nose won't stop running.

Just think what it would be like without my meds.

Actually, considering that I spent most of the weekend in the out-of-doors, I'm doing fairly well.

Thankfully, it only lasts a week.

Not much beading happened. We had to catch up on some things. On Saturday Sweet Hubby and I went seeking a tux to rent for him because of the impending wedding and all.

We also popped into Home Depot and purchased many potted annuals, which I then spent the rest of the day planting as well as other yard work. My flower boxes on the deck are stuffed with plants. I decided I'm taking my chances with the moose and said "Heck No!" to Marigolds. I bought Pansies, and Snapdragons, and Lobelia, and Dianthus, and white Sweet Alyssum, and Geraniums, and Zinnias, and oh my goodness I think I got carried away with all the lovely colors! I haven't planted the bulbs-Gladiolas and Dahlias-yet. Yes, I'm gonna try growing the Dahlias again. I shall keep trying until I get it right!

Oh, and I planted the tomatoes in pots on the deck because we are just too busy to get that garden started. This wedding is more important. Anyway, my deck is going to look fantastic in a few weeks.

On Sunday the bride and I met my niece Stacy and her daughter Kaitlyn at the Spokane Valley Davids Bridal to purchase Kaitlyn a bridesmaid dress. We managed to find quite a deal. Kaitlyn's dress was on sale, clearance, because it was missing it's little belt. 40 bucks for a $129 dress. The purchase of a bow for $10 fixed the belt problem.

The sales clerk who 'worked' with us was floored by the solution the bride came up with. She said she never would have thought of it. Kaitlyn is one of those very tall very thin kind of people (her mother is just like her-can eat all they want and never gain an ounce-sigh). Sarah spotted a bow/belt sort of thingy that usually is used on the flower girl dresses. Well, Kaitlyn being super thin and all, it fit her just fine and really added glam to the dress. I'm going to do a bit of alteration to the bow (move a snap) so it's a little looser on her.

While I waited and watched all the trying on of dresses, I sat on a couch and worked on my shawl. I managed to get 2 more rows done. 8 left to go.

After that Sarah and I went to the Spokane Valley Mall and shopped. Just shopped, for nothing in particular. Just spending fun time together. Sarah has been so tense over the wedding. She needed to unwind. We had a blast. We tried stuff on, and I actually found a couple things to buy.

In Macy's we found a bright orange broomstick skirt. I mean bright orange-construction worker orange-HUNTER orange. I spotted a ruffled top all orange purple and turquoise. She decided to try this on because, well, Sarah likes orange.

When she stepped out of the dressing room my first thought was "Wow! She looks great in that color!" Then reality hit. "Ouch!" Too much orange! I mean waaaaaaay too much orange. It actually started to hurt my eyes. The sales clerk walked up just as we were both agreeing that we might need sunglasses if she were to wear that outfit in public. The sales clerk said "So which part of the outfit do you like the most?" My lovely daughter looked down, paused, and said "My socks." I nearly peed my pants I laughed so hard.

Today it's back to beaded snapdragons. I've got 27 days to get these flowers done. Times awasting!

Have a great day.


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