"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


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I don't know why, but I feel a certain obligation to be posting pictures whenever I post something on my blog. I don't really have any pictures of what's on my mind at the moment, so I'll post this.

This is Marley.

Marley is one of Andrea's employees at CDA Yarn and Fiber. She's a sweet little Pug. Her job is to collect as much luvs and head scritches as possible from the customers. I took this picture with the camera in my new phone. I think it did a pretty darn good job for a phone camera, though not nearly as good as my digital camera. It's nice to know it will do in a pinch.

Creatively speaking, the weekend was a disaster for me. Well, not totally. I did get 2 rows done on the Honeybee stole. I worked mostly on a beading project that, in the end, I slashed apart with a very sharp pair of scissors and surrendered to defeat. I didn't think my readers would appreciate a picture of bits of thread and loose beads. This morning I thought of a different way of accomplishing what I have in mind, so the battle will be on again later this week.

Yesterday the weather was GLORIOUS! Yes, I screamed. It was that good. The sky was blue. The clouds were fluffy. The sun shone brightly and it was warm. 60F at my house. I could sit outside on the deck and bake. In fact, I did. I got the cushions out of storage and set the deck furniture up. I didn't knit or bead, I just sat with my eyes closed, glass of coconut flavored Crystal Lite on ice in hand, and baked. I sat so long Sweet Hubby came out to warn me about sunburn. Kill joy. By the way, for those wondering where I got coconut flavored Crystal Lite-try Mexico. I brought loads of it home from our trip.

I also repotted my baby tomatoes. Yes, again, I am attempting to grow tomatoes this year. I keep hoping. I started the seeds about 3 weeks ago. They've had a hard life though. The fur kids seem to have some kind of vendetta. They've been knocked off the windowsill several times by the Chenille. Last Friday Tommy knocked the little seedlings off, then stomped on all of them. I don't know what he has against my tomato seedlings, but whatever it is, he sure took it out on them. I thought they were all going to die. They were broken and their tiny little leaves had been smashed to green mush. I quarentined them in the kitchen and after a day they started to perk up. Now they are happy and growing in their nice roomy new pots, out of reach of the Tomster, or any other furry kid in this house. If they can survive that kind of experience, think how well they'll do when they get moved out to the garden.

My cat, Silver, is going to be 16 years old later this month. We are concerned because in the last 2 weeks he's slowed down a lot. I mean, a lot. He moves so slow a snail could beat him in a race. He's sleeping on the floor more and more, rather than up on the top of the cat tree, or the couch, like he doesn't have enough get up and go to get any higher. He looks old. He acts old. Heck, he is old! I don't think he has much time left. I'll be surprised if he makes it even a few more months. He's worn out, tired. I can see it in his eyes. I will be giving him extra attention cos our time left together is limited, but I still have lots and lots of love left for him.

Aging really sucks.

Today I am meeting Marguerite for lunch. She is my knitting blog buddy. She lives in Michigan and writes the Stitches of Violet blog. That's how we met-mutual admiration for each others blogs. She's in town this week to visit her son.

I thought I'd mention a little change in my blog format. At the bottom I've changed the comments section. One of my favorite things about the group forums on Ravelry is the reaction buttons. On the bottom of each post are these little buttons you can click if you're not in the mood to actually post something but you want the author of said post to know how you feel. The buttons there are labeled funny, interesting, educational, disagree, agree, and love. I have figured out how to add some to my own blog. Is that not cool? I'm starting with just three. I may add, or subtract depending on how these do. If you too want reaction buttons on your blog, click here for info:

Have a great day.


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