"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


I'm a Mutant!

My daughters will get a kick out of the idea that their mother is a mutant until they find out they're probably mutants too and what the ramifications are. My blood clotting disorder is caused by a missing gene. That is how it's inherited. On the spiraling chain of my DNA there's an empty spot. My doctor says "it's a mutation....." I wanted to kick my grandmother.

I can go off the Coumadin if I want. However, since I've already had 2 nasty blood clots in the past few years, and the older I get the bigger the chances are of another-I'm in a situation where it would be pretty irresponsible not to stay on it-assuming I'd like to live for awhile longer. I was seriously considering dropping the Coumadin until he told me about one of his other lucky mutant patients who sprained her ankle recently and got a blood clot from it. I sprain my ankle at least once a year (cos I'm a clutz). That gave me cause for rethinking the plan.

I expressed why I dislike taking blood thinners so much. He offered a compromise. The thing I dislike the most is the weekly blood tests. I don't like getting poked so often with a needle, but more than that, I dislike the weekly drive there too. I don't have to be on such a high dose now that the clot that caused all this hoo-ha is completely gone. I can go on a lower dose and just get tested once a month. I could live with that, I think. I'll talk to Sweet Hubby and get his opinion.

Easter was good. I got some flowers for the ocassion. I wanted an Easter Lily but I couldn't find one I liked. I realized that it was the white. I really don't need anymore white in my life right now (definition: snow) so I decided to go for these.

Rio Samba, my favorite rose. Nice, bright and cheery.

It has the most wonderful scent. Kind of a blend of peaches and strawberries.

Easter Sunday was the annual big family brunch shindig. I made Ham and Cheese casserole. I used this recipe: Sandra Lee's Ham and Cheese Casserole Recipe It's a new one for me, but it ended up tasting pretty good. The family seemed to enjoy it.

I've not done much cooking with ham because in the religious cult I grew up in pork/pig/ham was not allowed. Consequently I hardly ever think of cooking with it. Just doesn't come to mind, out of life long habit. To be honest, once it became okay to eat it I didn't care for it anyway. Then I tasted my SIL Diane's ham. It's really good. I don't know what she does to it to make it taste so good, but she's darn good at it.

I got my first easter bunny.

When we arrived at Chet and Diane's house for easter brunch Jacob shyly handed it to me and said "This is for you." I was so surprised! The fellow in the yellow shirt is Jacob. He is the grandson of a friend of mine and Diane's.

He didn't give any one else a bunny. I feel so special. That's SIL Diane on the left, and my daughters on the right.

After eating we taught Jacob how to play Dominoes. I think he felt pretty grown up playing the game with me, Diane, Sarah, Ruth, and his grandma. I got beaten soundly in all hands, but it was fun just the same. Of course, after awhile one wants to do that thing everyone ends up doing with dominoes.

Setting them up on their ends and making them "fall like dominoes".

The doomed spiral

The spiral is falling....

It was fun.

This is what Silver did on Easter. "zzzzzzzzz....."

Have a good day.


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  1. My family loves this recipe for ham:

    I do de-salt the ham before cooking it. The day before I plan to cook it, I put it in the biggest pot I have, fill it with water, bring it to the boil, turn it off and let it sit 20 minutes or so; dump off the water and do it all over again! Then proceed with the recipe. Her recipe was the best I have ever had.