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No Happy Medium

For the past few days I've been living under the mistaken belief that I have been plagued with way more hot flashes than is even unreasonable to have. Yes, I am at 'that' stage of life. I look forward to the day when it's over.

Lately I have been asking Sweet Hubby way too often "Is it hot in here, or is it just me?" He never answers the question properly. He always says "I'm not cold." Sometimes he says "I'm cold." The fact that I didn't ask him if he was cold or not is beside the point. Sigh. I hate it when he does that.

Like when I ask him when we're leaving to go somewhere and he answers with telling how long it'll take to get there. I didn't ask him how long it'll take to get there. I asked what time we're leaving to get there. There is a difference!

Anyway, the last few days he's been saying the first answer. That leads me to believe that I'm perfectly justified in feeling all hot and sweaty.

Monday the heat got overwhelming in the house. I turned the furnace down (usually it's set at 70F), and opened the windows. I even slept with the bedroom window open and no blankets that night. I still was too hot. Stupid menopause.


Yesterday I had both the front and back doors open, plus 3 windows, and it never got below 76 degrees in the house. Mind you, I completely shut the furnace off. Theoretically there would be now power getting to the furnace. It was only 42F degrees out too, so where is all this heat coming from?

After dinner I had to open the back door and let some cool air in. Sweet Hubby even complained about it being too warm for him. Where is all this heat coming from? I've got the furnace completely shut off!


We figured it out last night. Heat was still blowing out the vents. Very gentle breeze, but hot breeze none-the-less. What the...?

After some investigation with a flashlight, Doug figured out what is wrong. Apparently the heating element in the furnace has not been shutting off. The fan has, but not the heating element. We are lucky the house hasn't burned down! He had to disconnect the element to get it to shut off. I will be calling a repairman as soon as they open at 8am.

Now we are freezing our arses off.

At least I'll appreciate the next hot flash when I get it.

Have a good day.

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  1. I'm sorry but I had to laugh at your closing comment...
    It was below 10F last night and when I got into bed I was freeeeezing. Somewhere around 2 though I was so hot I had to toss off half the covers. Ahhhh... the heat felt good!