"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


WIP Wednesday 2/11/09

Better late than never. That's what I say. I have Knit group on Wednesday mornings now, so posting this in the morning like I normally would is out of the question. When I got home-after 4pm (errands to run after the meeting), I was so tired I just sat and chilled until Sweet Hubby got home. Besides, my back is killing me today. Must be a change in the weather coming.

The Peaches and Grapes cardigan-still needing to be blocked and the button sewn on. The matching hat is almost done.

The model for the peyote amulet class is coming along. In fact, I finished the amulet part last night-after I took the picture. I still need to fringe it and put on a strap of some sort. Something simple is in order. The dark beads look black in the pic, but they're actually dark purple. I'm in a lime and violet mood.

This is the status of the fringe bead I've been working on. It's so pretty, but--and that's a big one-- I am not finishing it. In fact, I'm frogging it. It's too big, or rather, too heavy. All those crystals and druks and 4mm cubes and whatnot are weighing a lot and I'm only halfway done. So I'm going to do it smaller. Note to self-20mm is too large a base bead to start with for this kind of project.

Knit meeting was awesome. We have 3 new members. One of them is----oh my Gosh---a man! Whoo! We have a man knitter in our group! All us chicks are so excited. Anthony is a young single guy with huge muscles. Heck, he's huge all the way around. He was a football player in high school and looks the part. But, as is usually the case with the big tall guys, he's sweet as can be. He's been knitting a year now, and doing very nicely. He has a passion for ribbing. Loves it, can't get enough of it. He has asked me to show him how to make cables at next weeks meeting. I am stoked!

The other two new members are gals, of course. One is named Peggy. Unfortunately, I didn't catch the other gals name. I'll get her next week. All in all a fun couple of ladies.

I took some homemade banana bread to the meeting. I was in a baking mood yesterday and there were two bananas about to rot on the kitchen counter. The solution to the problem was very yummy.

Speaking of knitting groups, if you live anywhere near Rathdrum, Idaho a new knitting group has started there. They meet at the Rathdrum Public Library on Tuesdays, 2-4 pm. I'm told it will be twice a month rather than every week. Next meeting is on Feb. 17. I'm going to check it out. The library is walking distance from my house (and my sister-in-law works there).

Tommy chased a moose out of his territory yesterday. I was surprised it actually ran away from him. Silly moose! Anyway, it was too quick for me to get the camera.

Sweet dreams tonight.


  1. Are you telling me that after I left Idaho you found the man of my dreams? drat!

  2. thank you!!! You do stuff with yarn I could never, and now can't for a while (evil CTS), but ooo they look so pretty! I wish I could knit like that...

  3. Oh my! I better check out plane tickets to Idaho to meet this guy - although it sounds like you've already claimed him.

  4. I just found your blog and love your knitting projects. I would really love to know what pattern the baby sweater is. I have a new nephew coming in March and want to get started on one but haven't found just the right pattern until now. Thanks,
    Marilyn in NM
    or knittinmar on Ravelry