"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


First Project for 2009

For 2009 I made a knitting resolution. This year I resolve to make a couple adult sized sweaters, and to knit things more challenging. Last year was the year of socks, due to the fact I joined 3, or was it 4, Sock KAL's. I managed to put a very tiny dent in my sock yarn stash, which has made me happy. Not to mention wonderful clothing for my feet. There was also the hats, scarves, fingerless gloves, and toys. All that is easy stuff to make, and I really enjoy it. Quick projects make for almost instant gratification when you're a knitter. However, my skills are way above what I've been making this past year. It's time to get back to knitting at my skill level.

I'll still do the easy stuff, don't get me wrong. Easy usually means one doesn't have to think too hard, therefore making the project more portable for all those times in the doctors office while I wait to get stabbed for another blood test. I have 3 months of that yet to go. But it's time to challenge myself at home.

I cast on the first big project of 2009. I'm going to make the Striped Kimono Jacket by Sandi Rosner, published for free on the Crystal Palace Yarns web site. The stitch pattern isn't that challenging-thus making it a very portable project, Mostly stockinette and garter stitch. A small bit of slip stitch is thrown in for fun. The shape of the pieces is where I'll get the challenge. It's done in four L-shaped pieces. There are no pattern schematics (I hate that!) so I will have to pretty much go on faith with this one.

It's also done in 3 different colors. Here are the yarns I've chosen.

I have a large skein of hand spun hand painted worsted weight merino wool that I bought a few years ago at a Spin In. I've chosen Cascade Superwash 220 in dark purple for the main color, and Kiwi green Noro Cash Iroha for the accent color. So far, I'm liking it.

(Silver is enjoying sitting on the windowsill and watching the Chickadees.) You may notice I'm doing the main color solid, and the raised stripes with the variegated (The pattern is the opposite). That's cos I don't have enough yards of the variegated merino to use it as the main color. I'm actually quite happy with how it's looking. I wasn't sure the green bumps would show in the middle of the variegated stripes, but they're showing up very nicely.

Then, there's the Bayerische socks. I'm slowly whittling away on the first one. I am not a fast knitter when doing these kinds of stitch patterns. I like to be careful and enjoy the process (yes, I'm a process knitter). I've got 2 full pattern repeats done now. I'm trying to decided if I want to stop there and call them anklets, or take a chance on the yarn and add another pattern repeat before doing the heel. I have a total of 550 yards in the skein. The pattern uses an enormous amount of yarn (90 sts around!) for the size of the project. Cables do that. Do I have enough for 3 repeats?

I recently have had an S.E.X. trip. That would be Stash Enhancement Experience trip for those uninitiated. In this case, Michaels was having a great sale on their good glass beads. I couldn't resist these. So unusual.

Or these. At 2 strands for 4 bucks, how could I?

The colors in this second bunch are shiny. They sparkle very brightly with an a/b finish. The ones on the left have a base of transparent red. The ones on the right have a base of smoky topaz. Now, what am I gonna make with them?

On the weather front. We got about 6 inches of new snow Thursday night. It did not snow Friday, or will today either. HURRAY!!! We're getting a break for a day or two. Unfortunately, Sweet Hubby has broken the snow shovels with the last batch. It was heavy, and crusty. When he did the upper deck he actually had to get the pick ax out to break up the snow enough to shovel it off! He and DD Ruth went into Coeur d'Alene in the afternoon to get a new shovel. HA!!! There are no more. Lowes got a shipment of 600 of them in the day before and it was gone in less than 6 hours. So, I guess it will be regular shovels for the duration.

Have a great day.

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  1. What a pretty pattern. Love your yarn choices. That's one I'm going to want to see in person next time we get together.

    Your trip is coming up soon. Stay healthy and get ready to enjoy your break from winter. I'm jealous.