"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman



That's what I've been on, emotionally, the past few days. A friggin rollercoaster!

Took Morgan to the second animal clinic for another ultrasound yesterday. I was referred there by the first vet because their ultrasound machine is way better. It could show much more detail of the mass found in the wall of Morgan's bladder.

They didn't find anything. No cancer, no mass, no tumors. His bladder is 'just fine'.

How is that possible? How can 2 vets find such different results?

And what IS wrong with Morgan? He's not over the problem.

I am so frustrated right now, I don't know whether to be relieved, or more concerned.


Meanwhile, on the knitting front I have finished the hat for my nephew and I'm now working on the scarf. I frogged the scarf 3 times before I got the pattern to work the way I have in my minds little eye.

One of those frogs was yesterday while I waited to be called in for my weekly blood test. Another lady was sitting in the waiting room with me. I wish you could have seen her horrified look when I suddenly blurted out "This needs an inch of ribbing at the beginning" and promptly ripped out the whole 6 inches I'd done and started over. T'was priceless! I have about 14 inches done now, and I'm happy with how it's working up. I also have to say I'm really liking the Superwash Cascade 220. It's very nice to work with.

I have posted a new pattern on my Beadknitter Patterns site. It's the lacy scarf I made last month. Click here to go to the pattern:

Have a great day.

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