"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


The Ice Age Has Arrived

Contrary to popular belief-global warming- an ice age has arrived at the Parkarosa. It started Friday with snow falling all - day - long. By the next morning we had about 8 inches of snow on the ground. Then the wind from the north arrived. It blew and blew. In fact, I think I could safely say it blew about half our snow down to southern Idaho cos we only have about 4 inches now. I know it didn't melt cos temps have been barely over 20F degrees at the most since Thursday.

With the wind came the ice age. At this point, we're thinking in temperature terms of 30 degrees being a heat wave. Well, actually, maybe 20 degrees is the heat wave cos on Sunday, when sis-in-law Sue and I went to Walmart, we saw teenagers wearing shorts, t-shirts, and no jackets. It was apparently a 'balmy' 18 degrees out. (What parents care so little about their offspring that they don't even teach them the proper way to dress for temperatures?)

When the weatherman says the high today is going to be 10F degrees, you know it ain't warm. I'm sorry, but 10F is NOT a high. It is cold. As my daughter might say, it is Butt Freezing cold. (Now I understand why sis-in-law Sue got a car with heating seats. I want! Though I have to admit it was one of the strangest feelings I've ever had.) It's the kind of cold that the furnace can't keep up with, even if it blows 24 hours a day. It's the kind of cold that makes it hard to start my car, and impossible to chip the ice off the windshield. It's the kind of cold that requires a cup of hot cocoa with a dash of whiskey, and an Iggy under the blanket with me. I know, cos that is what I finally had to do to get warm yesterday.

The deep freeze is scheduled to remain all week, with snow in the future. Fun fun!

Okay, I've had enough winter. It's time to move on to spring. (Are you listening weather fates?)

I got quite a bit of knitting done over the weekend. I have less than an inch left to do on Robert's scarf and I'm done. So I expect I'll finish it after I'm done with this blog post.

Morgan is doing about the same. Peeing a lot. He was definitely uncomfortable for part of the night cos he just couldn't seem to settle down much. Kept tossing and turning. Poor little guy. This morning he didn't eat much of his breakfast, though he was a little pig over the weekend. Morgan is definitely losing weight. He's lost 2 pounds since September. This is bothering Sweet Hubby a lot cos he keeps mentioning how skinny Morgan is getting. We still don't know what to do. Or maybe we do, but we're just afraid to make the decision and get it done. We're talking about it. It's so hard to decide to say goodbye to a much loved family member, even if they are covered in fur. We know we have to. It's just deciding when.

Ruthie is home from school. She arrived yesterday, with Lindy. It's good to have her home. Some how it's comforting under the circumstances.

Well, my feet are freezing despite being covered in blankets. I think I'll go get a cup of hot cocoa, an Iggy, and settle down to finish Robert's scarf.

Keep warm today.

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  1. No global warming in SW Michigan.
    It isn't even Christmas yet and we've had over a month of cold and snow.

    I'm getting ready to try and dig out so I can get to my trumpet lesson, but there is more white stuff coming down and lots more in the forecast for the rest of the week. I HATE IT!!! when it keeps me from living my life and going where I want to go. A few days of being snowed in once or twice a year is OK. This is rediculous.

    And it's COLD! There. Did I outwhine you? We both have plenty to complain about when it comes to the weather. But at least we don't have hurricanes in the frozen north.

    Take care and give Morgan a hug from me and my three furbabies. And you need a hug as well.