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WIP Wednesday 8/27/08

This weeks WIP is the bead crochet rope I'm calling Red Flame.

I am SO excited, and pleased, with how it's working up! This just may be my bead crochet entry for next years fair. So far, I've found only 2 stringing mistakes. A bead was missing at one point, so I cut the thread, added the missing bead, and crocheted on. The second one was an extra bead, which I was able to just break out.

I thought I'd share my pattern with y'all. It's actually a slight variation on a pattern on BeadDust, a web site chock full of bead crochet patterns.

Click on this link for the original pattern:
Sehr schwieriges und farbintesives Muster von Silvia

The pattern was created with a freeware program called DB Bead, which I'm finding I adore. For a free program, it's pretty darn useful. Unfortunately, I have a hard time distinguishing between the 5 different shades of red in the printout, so I substituted different colors to make the stringing easier. Here's the result. Feel free to use this any way you want. I have no plans to try and make my riches with it.

Click on the graph for a larger version

Here's the key for the beads I've used:

Black = black matte beads
Yellow = silver lined light topaz
Blue = a/b silver lined pinky red.
Orange = orange lined red
Green = silver lined red
Red = opaque dark red
Purple = silver lined dark burgundy


We had a moose sighting last night. Tommy was barking his head off outside, in the little pen I've set up at the bottom of the steps so they can bark, but not chase. I stepped out to see what the fracas was about and there was a large bull moose, complete with hunter-drooling sized rack. He was munching on the dogwood vine. He's shy though. He took one look at me and ran like the wind, so no pics. Those big guys don't like sticking around for pictures, which is probably why they've managed to get so big.

I am surprised, but relieved, that we aren't being bothered by the moose like we were last year. I looked at my posts for last summer, and we're having way less trouble. So far they've only eaten half the dogwood vine, and a branch off one of the flowering cherries. I hardly ever see one. Now, did they move on? Or is there something to all those gunshots I've been hearing all summer? More than likely, it's because, even though we're near the end of August, it's still green in the woods. Our yard is not looking like an oasis in the dry brown desert yet.

Well, I've got a 4 o'clock appointment for the hernia thing. I'm nervous. It's going to be a good thing in the end though. I'd like to go on our trip to Mexico feeling good.

Have a great day.


  1. That beading site is such a great resource! Thanks for sharing it! I learned to make those bracelets years ago from two Peace Corps voluteers that learned to make them in Bulgaria and brought the technique back to the Boston Area. I can't seem to open their website at the moment -Yahoo is not letting me but I will keep trying to see if they are still in business. Anyhow, here are some pictures to look at:
    Good luck tomorrow!

  2. I really enjoyed your work, so much great ideas!