"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


WIP Wednesday 8/13/08

Today's WIPs feature bead crochet. Yesterday I started this little project called a Caterpillar Bracelet. I'm using size 11 seeds, size 8 drops, and size 12 perle cotton for the thread. Been wanting to try this for awhile but I couldn't find my book that has the instructions.

Yesterday afternoon I decided I was gonna look for it until I found it. Took about half an hour. It was amongst the knitting books on the shelf in my studio (yes, I have a room we call the knitting studio. It's where I keep my knitting 'stuff', as well as my knitting machines). It's now where it belongs, on the shelf with the beading books.

I was kind of surprised how easy this technique is. Don't know why. Everything about bead crochet has been easy so far. Anyway, it looks flat, but technically it isn't. It's a typical six round rope. it's all in how you string the beads.

This project I actually started before the last camping trip.

I got it all strung at the campground, then when I started crocheting I discovered I'd read the chart wrong when I was stringing and had to redo it. A pain in the butt too cos it's 4 yards worth of size 8 beads. I started crocheting yesterday-just so I can say I've started the fun part. All of 3 rounds done. LOL!

This is the pattern I'm using. You can find it, and a lot more on the BeadDust web site.

Pierre the Pirate has made some progress-how ever small. I worked on him at the Knitwits meeting last week.

Yesterday I met with Marguerite for lunch. She was wearing her newly finished Summer Spice Gansey sweater. It is a gorgeous knit. Looked great on her too.

I had a great time! We talked about sock knitting, blogging, Ravelry, and weddings, amongst other things. I really enjoy getting together with her when she comes to visit her son. The food was great too.

Today I take Tommy to the vet for a rabies shot. Gotta keep those shots up to date!

Have a great day!

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