"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Vote for Me Please!

First of all, I just want to say Thank You for all the nice compliments on my fair entry results. I so appreciate it.

I just found out that voting for the Socks on Vacation photo is open to everyone. Not just SOS08 members. So, in the interest of self interest, I'm asking for votes for my photo.

Voting instructions:
  1. To view the photos, go to this flickr set. (If, for some reason you cannot follow the link you can also find it by going to summerofsocks2006 and looking for the Socks on Vacation 2008 set.)

  2. Choose the photo that you wish to vote for and note it’s number which can be found in the title of the photo toward the top of the picture.

    Note: My photo is number 4

  3. Send a blank e-mail to summerofsocks at gmail dot com with the subject containing only the number of the photo you want to vote for. Please leave the rest of the e-mail blank.

Of course, if you get there and find a photo you like better than mine, you are free to vote for it instead. But I'm hoping you'll find mine to be the best.


Yesterday, even though it was a Saturday, I found myself all alone for the day. Doug went on a river rapids rafting trip with the guys and gals in his department at work, so he was gone all day. Ruth went to work, her last day there. She heads back to school today.

The thought occurred, as I was knitting away on the Water Nymph socks, that next weekend is Labor Day weekend, which is the weekend of my nephew Jonny's wedding. I have nothing to wear to it, unless you want to count the out fits I've bought to wear to Christmas parties. All black and sparkley just doesn't strike me as a good wedding outfit. I am happy that Jonny has found Ann. I do not want to wear black to their wedding.

So I figured I'd dash into Coeur d'Alene, visit Fashion Bug, buy a new dress (cos I always love their dresses and whatnot), and be home in less than 2 hours to work on the sock. HA!!!!

Who was it that decided in the last couple months that Fashion Bug would no longer be carrying dresses? Who ever it is, they're an IDIOT! I ended up spending the entire day visiting both the CdA Mall and the Spokane Valley Mall trying to find something appropriate that I like. Thank the stars for CJ Banks and Sears. Without them I'd go stark raving mad.

I need a new slip too. The one I have is rather short. I've bought a long skirt. Did you know that stores don't sell slips anymore? No one in CdA or Spokane Valley has slips-of any size. Don't women wear slips any more under their skirts????? I asked one store clerk about it. She said "they're not in fashion anymore". Excuse me? Wearing a slip has nothing to do with what's in fashion. What happened to modesty, and the proper draping of a skirt? I wonder if I have time to pick up some fabric and a pattern and make one? Hmm...

Have I mentioned I hate shopping for clothes for me?

I made good progress on the sock last night. I've got about 2 hours of knitting left and it'll be done. However, I have found a problem with the first sock. The bind off is too tight. I can't even get the sock on. So, after I get sock 2 done, I am going to undo the ribbing of sock 1, add 8 stitches in the round, and reknit it. I had originally decreased 8 stitches after the heel flap so the leg would not be too loose. The stitch pattern in these socks is wider and stretchier than average per stitch. I should have put the 8 stitches back when I switched to ribbing. Ah well. Something new has been learned. Actually, I should have known that, so you could say something has been relearned.

Have a good day.


  1. I don't know if it's the same where you live, but here in VA they carry slips in some of the department stores still... JCPenney's for example. And I think I've seen them in Walmart and Target.
    But if not, at least a slip is quick to make up!

  2. I voted for you! I love your work. I hope you win! Good luck!