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Copper and Turquoise Revisited

(Had to add that last word in the title cos apparently I've used this as a title before.)

Over the weekend I finished my last fair project. It's a necklace done in Cellini Spiral and Tubular Netting stitch. I really love this necklace.

I am definitely stuck in a copper/turquoise/black phase. Can't seem to get enough of it in beading. All the beads used are Japanese seeds. In the spiral I used size 11 matte black and matte gold a/b, size 6 matte turquoise, size 6 medium copper (not metallic, they look almost porcelain), metallic dark copper in sizes 8 and 15, and size 10 metallic dark copper triangles. I embellished the spiral between the size 6 beads with picots made with the size 15 metallic dark copper.

For the netting, I used size 11 metallic dark copper and size 15 turquoise in a 5 bead net.

The clasp is a simple copper toggle.

I take it to be entered today, along with a bunch of other projects I've made over the last year.

I had a nice weekend. On SaturdayI spent the day with the future bride, Sarah. We went to a Mary Kay facial thingamabob. Technically, it was a sales pitch (which I admit I fell for), but it was a lot of fun. I took the opportunity to convince Sarah she needs to use a moisturizer on her face. Her skin gets so dry it flakes, which she complains about. There are solutions to the problem.

After Mary Kay we headed for Spokane Valley where we had lunch at the Red Robin (Banzai Burger-Woo Hoo!), then we went to Davids Bridal and looked at dresses. It was a bit overwhelming. They are just stuffed with dresses in that store. We looked at pretty much all of them. We got an idea of what kind of style she wants to wear at her wedding, which was the goal. She also showed me what she has in mind for the Maid of Honor (her sister) and bridesmaids. Brown. She loves the brown. Most of the styles she's looking at are very simple, elegant, and not at all typical of your bridesmaid type dresses. No puffy poofy ribbony ruffly princess yuck. I'm so proud of her. We have an appointment in September to try things on.

Yesterday I spent the day working on fair stuff, then in the afternoon Sweet Hubby and I went and saw the new Mummy:Tomb of the Dragon Emperor movie with Brendan Frasier. It was great! I loved it. Entertaining, funny, lots of non-stop action, and a good dollop of implausibility. It was right up there with the first two for me.

I only have 2 complaints. 1)I wish we'd got to the theater earlier so we could have sat further back than the second row from the front. It's hard for me to focus my eyes when we're that close to the screen, so most of it was slightly blurry for me.

2)I wish they had Rachel Weisz for Evelyn that they had in the first two movies. Maria Bellow didn't quite make it for me. Her character lacked the depth and continuity of the one in the first two Mummy movies.

Other than that, I was thoroughly entertained. I will be getting the DVD when it comes out.

Have a good day.


  1. Your necklace is so beautiful! I love the color combination! I must be "into" copper lately 'cuz I bought copper sock yarn this weekend! lol Good luck in the fair. It sure looks like a winner!

  2. I enjoy your blog so much. I saw you post this pick on a couple of yahoo groups, but wanted to tell you here how pretty it is. I usually don't like this stitch much, but your combination of colors AND the netting rope are perfect. Fingers crossed for you to win BEST. Hard to believe there could be one better!

  3. Can't wait to hear how the fair went! The neclace is beautiful and I know your other items must be too. Best of luck!

    Oh, and honestly... I LOVE MaryKay stuff. My SIL sells it and I have found it to be the best skin care stuff - for my skin - that I've ever used.
    I don't much care for some of their sales pitch, but the product is good!

  4. Oooh, I hate it when I find a spelling error too late. That's "necklace" of course.