"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Kitty Picture of the Year

We had a visitor in the yard. It's a young female moose. Can't be Miss Molly cos it's smaller than she would be by now. This moose was munching on my Yellow Twig Dogwood bush-which had just recovered from being eaten last year. I did not respond well to the idea. She looks like she's talking to me in the first pic.

Hey! This bush is delicious!

Especially these tender new leaves down here.

I then handed my camera to Ruth, grabbed my paint pistol and planted one right on her rump. I was only 15 feet away. She jumped, but didn't leave. So I popped her again, this time in the chest right under her chin. You should have seen her run! It was a satisfying sight, to say the least.

It was boiling hot yesterday. Made it hard to do much of anything besides sit in front of the air conditioner. Sweet Hubby even came home early cos the air conditioner at work wasn't keeping up with the heat. He decided he'd rather come home, where he can wear shorts. I'm happy. It's not snowing.

I did spend some time figuring out what the problem was with the yarn in my Vacation sock yarn. You know, the yarn with the knot, and the pattern that isn't matching after the knot? It took awhile, but I finally figured it out. They tied the new yarn on backwards! In other words, the color pattern was reversed. Now, I ask you, what idiot would do such a thing? There ought to be a law! Especially with the self patterning colored yarns. I'd be willing to bet the folks who skein the yarn at the Opal factory have never knit a stitch in their lives. If they had, they'd be a lot nicer about the knots!

Anyway, I wound the skein into a cake to reverse it back the way it's supposed to be. I attached the new yarn back to the sock at the appropriate color point, and knit a couple inches this morning. Looking good!

Speaking of looking good, I have improved the look of my car considerably this week. (Yes, I drive a Toyota Prius-and I LOVE it!)

(Ignore the dirt)

Wondering what you're supposed to be looking at? Here's a close up.

Cool, huh? I found it on Cafe Press.

Now, for the piece de resistance. This is one of those LOLcat pictures. It's the cutest cat pic I've ever seen in my life. I just had to share it with you.

funny pictures
more cat pictures

Have a great day.

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