"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Hello, I'm Back

I had a wonderful camping trip. The weather was almost perfect. I say almost because the last night (Saturday) it rained like crazy getting everything left outside wet. Wasn't much outside cos I'd heard the rumor around camp that rain might come. It sure rained hard though. I was really really glad we have a trailer and don't camp in a tent anymore.

We camped on Priest Lake at Indian Creek. I consider Priest Lake to be the most beautiful lake on earth. I love camping there.

I didn't take any pics of the lake itself this time, or much of the campground either. Whenever I was out walking, I usually had 2 dog leashes in my hands, so I didn't take my camera with me.

I took sock knitting with me. I took the shawl too, but never got around to working on it. Socks were the order of the weekend because I've joined the Summer of Socks '08, so I'm an even more motivated sock knitter. There's a contest for vacation sock pics in SoS'08, so I dragged a partially knit sock with it's needles and ball of yarn all over the Idaho national forest looking for picture opportunities that might win me the contest. I know for sure these won't, so I'm sharing. I took them the first day. After we arrived and set up camp we all sat around and had a nice drink and conversation. I talked my sis-in-law Sue to hold 'the sock'. That's BIL Dan on her right, and nephew Nathan on her left.

The puppy behind them is our newest member of the family. He showed up at their house a few days before. Not sure if he was dumped, or just ran away. Since no one in the neighborhood knows the puppy, we suspect dumped. He's a really really nice dog, so Dan and Sue, who have been dogless for some time now, have decided to keep him if he doesn't end up having a locator chip (Sue's taking him to the vet this week to check on that.) She's notified all the proper agencies too, but no one seems to be looking for the little guy. He's such a sweetie. Why would anyone wanna just dump him out in the boonies? We've named him Roho, which is Spanish for red. He got along really well with Tommy.

Not so with Morgan. However, there are extenuating circumstances which I will get into later.

Next we have Sweet Hubby holding 'the sock'. He is reading his Fathers Day gift, a Spanish/English learning book. (It's where we got the idea for Roho's name).

We are going to Mexico on a vacation next January and he's decided he is going to learn as much Spanish as he can between now and then. He purchased some Spanish lesson software, and an Ipod to haul it around in, and he's been practically glued to that Ipod ever since.

This is a Stellars Blue Jay. He pretty much lived with us at our camp spot, grabbing bits and crumbs whenever the opportunity presented itself.

There were 3 Grey Jays too, but they never sat still long enough to get a decent pic of them.

Well, that's all for now. I'll write more tomorrow. We went on a hike on Saturday, and that's when I took most of my pics. I need to figure out which of them to post here. I took a lot, and of course, I have to decide which of the sock pics I can post too. I need to decide which one I'll enter in the contest. Sigh....it will be a tough decision. Maybe I should hold a contest?

Have a great day.

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