"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Buy Huy!

Thursday was a good day. I went to lunch with 'the gals'. After lunch my friend, Phyllis, and I went and hung out at the Silver Lake Mall for a couple hours. I was seeking an opportunity to use more of the gift card from C.J. Banks my family gave me for Christmas.

I don't know if men can relate to this, but I know women can. Every once in awhile I will run into a deal that actually gives my a high. There was the red velvet jacket I got for $3 last year. The pink/black hounds tooth slacks I got for $1.00 at Fashion Bug a few years ago (the manager wanted those pants OUT of her store!). I found a pair of very expensive mens slacks for Sweet Hubby for $4 once. There was the $180 silk dress I got for $11.00 in the early years of our marriage. There is something about finding these awesome deals that gives my whole body a wonderful thrill feeling that I would have to say is every bit as good as sex.

Well, I had one of those experiences yesterday. Our first stop at the mall was Sears, where I found this.

It's a gorgeous winter coat. Fits me like a dream. Looks good on me (which isn't easy with my fluffy body). Soft as butter and oh so comfy. Not only that, it's completely machine washable. It's made of that imitation suede Microfiber, which I love. The inside is lined with the softest fake fur I've ever felt in my life. Being naked in this coat is not out of the realm of possibility.

The white tag said $150. The pink tag next to it said $74.99. The sign above said "Take an extra 75% off marked price!" I paid $19 and change for this coat. WHOO HOO!!!!!!!! This one will keep me up there for awhile.

After I got home I looked out the window and saw this fellow. Isn't he beautiful?

Male Pheasant

I am amazed how well this pic turned out cos he was waaaay down the hill, he was running, and it was getting toward dark. Not only that, but I was taking it through a dirty window. Did I mention I love my camera?

Anyway, this fellow has been hangin' in my back yard for about 4 years now. I hear him all the time. He has an exceptionally loud and obnoxiously raucous call, and he loves to hear himself do it. I rarely see him though. He knows my cats on a first name basis, so he avoids the open area and stays hidden. Frequently I've heard his screeches and they've sounded so loud I know he's in the bushes right next to the house, but I can not see him. This site was a real treat.

I have come to accept that I will not have my Pomatomus socks done by the end of the month. I just haven't been working on them much. Don't even have the first one half done. However, I need to have something done for SAM5. Someone on Ravelry, who is in the same boat as I, reminded me baby socks count as long as they have a turned heel. So I whipped this up last night.

The real challenge will be making the second one match. Will be attempting that tonight.

Have a good day.

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