"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


I Love Gansey

It's official. The government is run by complete idiots! Let me prove my point.

I used to have a yarn shop. In January of 2006 I had to close my business. You have no idea what a person must go through with the government to close a business. The piles of forms to fill out!! To make sure I did it all correctly, I called every National, State, and Local government agency I'd dealt with during the course of having my shop and got detailed instructions and all the forms to fill out. It took me a few weeks to get them all done and sent. Fortunately, I've dealt with government agencies before and had the good sense to make copies of every single form, and kept detailed notes on when and where they were sent-all carefully and conveniently filed so I could find what I needed easily, and often, if necessary.

As the months have gone by, I have received notices for almost every single form from almost every single agency accusing me of not filing those forms. Some have even wanted to charge me penalties for my sin. Until last Friday, it was all but one. But a letter and various forms to fill out for the last one who's reputation had not been sullied has arrived. According to the IRS, my business has been open all of 2007, I've been paying wages and collecting withholding, and not sending it on to them. If they can provide proof my business is still there, then I demand they give me my share of the income it made. Jeez! The place I had it in doesn't even exist anymore! Sometimes I wonder if the government lives and operates on the same planet, or dimension, as the rest of us.

(Insert picture of me banging my head on the dining room table and wailing a keening sound. Or is it keening a wailing sound?)

Every form has either been lost, misfiled, or completely ignored. And people wonder why our country is in such a mess.

I've spent the afternoon making copies of all the forms I sent to them originally with all the pertinent information circled with bright red ink and a detailed letter explaining what it all means and why they're a bunch of dunderheads, along with the additional forms they want me to fill out now (which I admit I just wrote across each page in red ink "NO BUSINESS!!!!") .

A thought has just occurred to me. For every form I originally sent in I have had to make copies and send them in again along with additional forms. What ever happened to the Paper Reduction Act??

There, I've had my little rant. I feel much better. Back to the ILG socks. I started the first one before the holidays. I took it with me on the cruise but only managed to knit 4 rows.

Last week a feeling of panic set in. If I want a J next to my name in the SAM5KAL, I better get knitting. I worked on them feverishly last week. Saturday evening I finished the first sock.

Ta Da!

Have a better day then I've had.

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  1. That is one gorgeous sock!

    As one who is sorting through papers this week and purging, filing, and organizing, I can personally swear that there is no such thing as paper reduction.

    Hope your misery is over soon. It's enough to make one just want to leave the mail in the mailbox. Darn those G men to find you!