"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Fridays Feast 1/11/08

I have been sick with the flu since Tuesday evening. Feeling like death warmed over. So todays post is a Fridays Feast.

What is your middle name? Would you change any of your names if you could? If so, what would you like to be called?

Jo. No, I love my name. I'm named after both my parents. I went nameless for a few days after my birth. The story I was told is that my parents didn't have a name chosen yet when I was born. One of my Aunts wanted to name me Josephine so she could call me Jojo. Thank the Gods my parents didn't fall for that one. Anyway, they both wanted me to be named after them so there was much arguing and disagreement. Then someone (another Aunt I think) came up with Linda Jo. Linda for my Mom-Ulinda, and Jo for my Dad-Joseph.

If you were a fashion designer, which fabrics, colors, and styles would you probably use the most?

Lots of purples, silks, rayons, really drapey fabrics, and of course knits. I love knitted fabric with lots of textures like cables and lace. I would create lots of styles that look good on fat people.

What is your least favorite chore, and why?

Laundry. So boring and endless.

Main Course
What is something that really frightens you, and can you trace it back to an event in your life?

Doing something that might hurt my back. I can trace it back to the summer of my 9th year of life when I was up in the cherry tree eating cherries. The branch I was standing on broke and I fell, breaking my back. I was paralyzed from the neck down for about 3 hours. Then everything came back-which is a miracle. I greatly appreciate my ability to walk. I've had back trouble ever since. A few years ago I seriously injured it again and had surgery on my back. I worry about accidentally doing something that will land me back into surgery cos it was so excruciatingly painful.

Where are you sitting right now? Name 3 things you can see at this moment.

In Sweet Hubby's recliner, using his computer.
1) The tv.
2) The Christmas tree (which I've decided is staying up until February cos my eyes need the color)
3) Morgan sleeping in Tommy's bed (now just wait one darn minute here!)

Going back to bed now. Have a great day.


  1. You and I have the same intention in designing---mainly for the plus size set.

    Oh, but I have to comment on your "Will Knit for Cheesecake" pic in your sidebar. It's too bad that you don't live in Western New York. I own a crochet Yahoo Group that I opened for this area, and for every meeting we have at my co-owner's house, my husband makes us a cheesecake! You could make a trip out here, if you'd like...we enjoy visitors! :-D

  2. great feast here.That would be a really great design idea..;0
    great feast here!
    Have a great weekend!
    Mine is up too