"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Cool Sock Club

I've been knitting like crazy the past couple days in an effort to catch up to what I lost being sick. (I am feeling so much better, btw). I finished the second sleeve of the cover up--HURRAY!, and I've started a new project meant to be a Christmas present (the last of the knitted presents, whew!). I even worked on a long neglected beading project (I'm gonna need it later this month for a class) I won't be able to get to the blocking of the cover up until Thursday. Today I had a bead crochet class to teach. Tomorrow I have bead group and then another bead crochet class to teach. Wednesday is spinning group and Knit Wits meeting. Sheesh! It's gonna be a busy week!

Whilst blogging this morning, I came across a really cool Sock club that is easy to join. It's designed specifically for those of us who already have large stashes of sock yarn, thus aren't willing to join the 'usual' sock clubs (where you pay money and get yarn and pattern in the mail every month or so). It's really easy to do too. Click on the colorful graphic above for more information.

Also found a description of the most awesome retirement home ever on the Go Knit In Your Hat blog. When I get old, I want to go to Purlin' Acres.

We are having a pineapple express in north Idaho. Sunday afternoon the weather warmed up and it's been raining like crazy ever since. The ground is frozen, so the 7 inches of snow that was there is melting fast and forming lakes everywhere. I had to wade through 4 inches of water to get to my car this morning. Very sloppy, to say the least. I'm glad I live on the top of a slope, and not at the bottom. I'm also glad I own a kayak. It may come in handy.

I've been sort of keeping an eye on the rising prices of knitting designer Alice Starmore's Out-Of-Print books over the past few years, since she pulled them off the market. As you'll see in my list of projects in the works (in the side bar), I'm working on Margaret Tudor, which is in her Tudor Roses book. I am amazed. A year ago you could get this book for less than retail ($29.95). Now it's going for as much as $350-used. I have copies of all her books. They came with the shop when we first bought it. I'm starting to think of them as my retirement savings. They aren't anything really special. Just knitting patterns. But folks are practically worshiping them these days. Who would have thought?

(Don't ask if I'm willing to sell any of mine. I'm not.)

Have a great evening.

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  1. Wow wish I had some of her books...I would use it to enhance my stash!