"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


This is Actually Working.

What, you may ask?

The Yazi. I finished the sleeve last night, and started the next one. I've earned 6 Yazi shots total.

At bead group I worked on yet another ornament cover. I call this one Lilac Egyptian because, for some reason, it makes me think of Egyptian princesses. I bought the pattern for this on Bead-Patterns.com. It's called the Memories Ornament Cover by Cathy Lampole.

I used 6mm lilac iris bicone crystals, size 11 matte silver lined lilac Japanese seed beads, size 8 metallic gold hex beads, and size 15 metallic gold hex beads. I actually substituted the size 15 hex for gold delicas in the pattern, mostly cos I couldn't find the delicas.

When there isn't a bunch of light shining on it for photo taking, it picks up the lights on the trees in the most wonderful way. The crystals sparkle from the back as well as the sides because the light can shine through the clear ball. I wanted to show that, but I have no idea how to photograph something like that.

Last night Tommy was looking so elegant sitting in his chair with his front legs crossed that I had to take a picture. It's kind of dark because I didn't use the flash. I took several of them with the flash, but he turned away every time. Apparently he objects to being blinded.

Have a great day.

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