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No TV 'Til Tuesday...Sigh

I woke up at my usual time this morning. I laid in bed a bit enjoying a snuggle with my fursons, thinking about this blog. I had no idea what to write about. I was thinking about another installation of my knitting history, but couldn't come up with any ideas for that either. What to do? What to do?

I forgot. . . . I live on the Parkarosa. Never a dull moment.

I got up, opened the back door to let the boys out for their morning business. All hell broke loose. Standing right there, in front of the steps, bigger than life, was a HUGE bull moose-antlers and all. Morgan turned tail and dashed into the house. Tommy-well, we know how 'smart' he is. Boom-he was gone. He chased that big ol' bull down the hill-doing his little barking hops all the way. What amazed me was the bull actually ran! I've never seen a moose run before. I've seen them stroll, walk, and even trot a little bit. Wow! They can be fast when they want to be! He disappeared into the woods.

So, there I am, standing in the yard, screaming at the top of my lungs at Tommy to get back into the house and suddenly I realized I was not alone. I turned--there are two big ol' Momma moose and a baby standing there watching me act like a crazy lady. What the...??? I turned tail and ran back into the house. Tommy ran in with me.

By now, Sweet Hubby has come outside to see what all the ruckus is about. Tommy and I come dashing up the steps. The two Momma's and baby stroll down the hill and off into the edge of the woods. But then they stop, turn, and just stand and stare at us.

Sweet Hubby says. "Wait a minute, what? That doesn't look right?!" I look the direction he is looking and I see this:

Our satellite dish has been VANDALIZED! See that part dangling from a wire on the right? It's not supposed to be dangling. You get 3 guesses as to who did it, as long as all 3 guesses are MOOSE!

I grabbed my camera to document the damage. I walked down the hill-daring those two cows to even think about coming near me. I think smoke may have been coming out my ears. I was pretty pissed! They walked away from me, down the road leading to our own little private gravel pit. I took pictures of Momma1 and baby. Momma 2 was camera shy. She stepped into that stand of little trees behind M1 and baby, and watched from there. I couldn't get a clear pic of her.

Still watching me.

After I finished my picture taking, I went back into the house. All 3 moose came back and are still, as I write this, standing just in the trees at the bottom of the hill, staring at the house. Just standing there, staring. They've been standing there for 2.5 hours now, staring at the house. I've screamed at them "WHAT'S THE ATTRACTION? I DON'T UNDERSTAND? WHAT'S THE ATTRACTION TO MY HOUSE?" They refuse to answer.

I've called Dish Network. The tech support fellow who got me to deal with, named Ashton, was very nice and polite. I explained my 'problem'. "The moose have broken my dish." I had to repeat that. He didn't believe what he heard the first time. After the repeat, there's a pause, and Ashton says "Can I put you on hold? I need to ask my supervisor what to do about this." He's never had problems with moose. I can tell.

They are sending someone out to replace the dish. They are also going to see if they can move the dish out of moose reach for us. They said they'll use 2 dishes if they have to (one for regular signal, one for the HD signal). Unfortunately, the soonest they can get someone out here is Tuesday. I love tv. This is going to be hard. I will miss Survivor tonight, and CSI--tonight is the episode that Sarah Sidle leaves. Arrrghh! And I'm gonna miss it!!!

Life is SO unfair.

After talking to Dish, I called Idaho Fish and Game and I let them have it! Sweet Hubby looked it up on the internet this morning. If someone complains about animal infestation, they are required, by law, to do something about it within 30 days. I mentioned this at the start of the conversation. The gal at Fish and Game actually listened to me. She asked me a lot of questions. I told her all about Nubbs, Antlers, Miss Molly, Mama Brown and her baby, the two big cows that ate my tree tops, the big bull this morning, the satellite dish destruction, my car being used for a popsicle, being trapped in my car for 30 minutes by a big cow, the flowers, the broken sprinklers, the videos we have of moose sucking the water out of our sprinkler system, the cars stopped at the end of the driveway while they wait for 'our' moose to cross the road, the attempted stompings of my dogs, I let it ALL out. The danger--REAL danger-- we face each and every day is becoming overwhelming. I actually started crying. I told her never, ever, in all my dreams and nightmares, would I have ever thought that I would have Moose problems. They HAVE to help us!!!!!!!!

She asked where I live. I gave her my address. She said "Diagonal Road?" You live on Diagonal Road?" I said yes. "Wow, that's weird. We got a call from someone on Diagonal Road yesterday about moose trouble." I couldn't believe me ears. My neighbors are calling them. I'M NOT ALONE. HALLELUHIA!!!!

They're sending someone out.

In the meantime--knitting is gonna be hard without tv--'til Tuesday. Sigh......

I hope your day is better.

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  1. Just a note - the absolute best Italian Sausage I have ever had was made out of moose -- just saying.... but you need a really big freezer to go this route. ;)