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A Sidewinder Day

So, I'm sitting there, looking at the Raspberry bracelet, which I posted about yesterday, and thinking about the recipient of this bracelet. I know that it is not appropriate for that particular person. There's NO way she'll wear it. Gail has never been a froo froo flowery kind of gal. She's very classic and refined in the way she dresses. I decided to dump the Raspberry idea and make her something I'm SURE she would wear.

Immediately I thought of the Sidewinder Bracelet pattern. It's a pattern that I found on the internet 4 years ago. Unfortunately, that web site is no longer there. I'm so so so glad I thought to print the pattern out and put it in my files. It's saved me some self recrimination.

I dug in the stash and found some leftover 4mm freshwater pearls that have been dyed a sort of taupe/gold color. I have some Japanese size 11 silver lined matte tan ab beads that go great with the pearls. The result? Definitely, without a doubt, most certainly something Gail will wear.

Yes, I took the magnetic clasp off the Raspberry bracelet and put it on this one. I also attached a piece of safety chain. Ha ha! That was a funny one. The chain kept glomming itself to the clasp in a most annoying way. Safety chain plus magnetic clasp does not work. So I made a beaded safety chain instead.

I did the laundry, vacuumed, cleaned up the sun room, and actually managed to add a couple inches to the swim suit cover too. I was screaming hot yesterday, in a productive kind of way. Not in a hot flash kind of way--though I do get those on occasion too.

I'm ready for lunch with the girl friends. I'll let y'all know how Gail liked the gift.

Have a great day.


ETA 2:15pm

Just got back from lunch with the girlfriends. Gail LOVED LOVED LOVED the bracelet. Whew! I'm so glad I changed my mind on that one. We had lunch at Azteca, which is in the big new Riverstone complex with the multiple screen movie theater. Someone let slip that it was Gail's birthday, so the staff came to the table with a funny sombrero, a Mexican style dessert, and we all sang happy birthday. Gail said she was embarrassed. But I'm sure she was secretly pleased. We all had a great time. The food was really good too!

I can remember when there was hardly any place around Coeur d'Alene that was worth eating at. I think Sizzler was pretty much the best place. Sizzler has long since gone out of business, and now we've got all kinds of wonderful eating spots.

The weather today is very Autumnish. Cold, dark, rainy, windy. The air is filled with colorful leaves blowing all over the place. The trees are getting much more bare looking. Winter is just around the corner.

Have a great afternoon.

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  1. Beautiful bracelet - bet she loved it! Just stopping by to say Welcome to TheKnittingPath! dianne