"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


It Looks Like a Knitting Blog

I know I don't have a whole lot of knitting content on here because I do more than just knit, but there's enough that I would define it as a knitting blog. I learned how to change the background images in the sidebar today. I am so proud of myself. Now it LOOKS like a knitting blog.

Next--figuring out how to change the big purple/wine rectangle at the bottom. Originally, I started with a Blogger prepackaged theme called "Thisaway Rose" by Dan Rubin -one that I could tolerate. I've been learning how to make it my own one piece at a time.

As for the kaleidoscopic banner and background images, I intend to change them on a monthly basis just cos they're so darn fun. I've got dozens of them.

I had bead group today. I worked on a little class project. I created the cutest little brick stitch Santa earrings. I mean, I created the pattern myself. I was going to use someone else's, but I didn't quite like it. So I made up my own. Unfortunately, I've only got one earring done at the moment, and it's on display at the shop. I will post a pic when I get the second one done. The newsletter came out and describes the class as 'Peyote Santa Earrings'. Arrghh...that was my fault. I had peyote on the brain when I talked to her about the class and just said the wrong thing without realizing it. Gayle is aware of my mistake and can inform the potential students.

I forgot to mention that the Aran Baby Cardigan came out nice and soft out of the dryer. It feels great.

I also didn't mention the satellite dish got fixed. The repairman found a loose connection, which he tightened, and realigned the dish. It was knocked off kilter. We can get our HD channels again. He was quite impressed by who damaged it.

I wonder if I should get my Kayak out. It's raining pretty hard out there.

That's all for today. Have a good one.

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  1. Love your site - I linked to you from a comment you left on my sister's blog "knitting grobanite" I also see the pics of your italian greyhounds - I would LOVE a greyhound. I'm trying to talk my husband into getting one. Yours are gorgeous. So is your bead knitting. Lood forward to reading more about it on your site!