"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


Plodding Along

I have finished knitting the back of the swim suit cover. Hurray! I went ahead and read through the rest of the instructions, to refresh the memory, and have come across a problem. When you are done with the shoulders of the front piece, you are to attach them to the stitches of the back piece shoulders via the 3-needle bind off. Except that the instructions tell you to bind off all the stitches of the back when you are done. So there are none to 3-needle to. However, not to worry. Standard practice for me is to put shoulder stitches on holders for just this purpose, so I did not bind off the back shoulders. I kind of wish the pattern proofreader had caught that though. It could cause real confusion for a less experienced knitter. I guess I'll have to lob an email to Vogue Knitting (who's web site has been down for ages).

I have blocked the aran baby cardigan pieces. Waiting for them to dry now.

Running out of September so I guess I better get my second Mystery Sock done.

I found a very nice E-book this morning on beaded ornament covers by Glenda Payseno. You'll find it at Ready to Bead, an online beading pattern catalogue, also discovered this morning.

Web surfing is what I did in place of the private beading lesson I was scheduled to do. It was canceled because the student is ill. I'm so glad she canceled. I appreciate her unwillingness to share the germs.

In beading news--I have conquered a puzzle. I saw a photo of a Cellini piece some months ago that had me intrigued. Instead of the usual spiral stripes, it had a white diamond pattern on a black background. I just HAD to figure out how to do that. Putting patterns in a Cellini spiral is a fascinating idea! The gal who made the one in the photo was unwilling to share that information, so I've been experimenting around. I'd think I had it, then discover I didn't. Well, I know for sure I have it now. It is quite complicated. I shall post a picture of it when I'm done. Mine will be different than hers in that hers is quite large-more an art piece than something wearable. I want to actually wear mine, so I'm making a considerably smaller bracelet.

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