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Fur Son in the Hospital

Today is not starting out very good. I woke up to a sick Morgan. He can hardly walk, he's very cold to the touch (anyone who knows Iggy's knows they're little walking hot coals), and he's showing signs of anemia. He wouldn't go out for his morning pee, so I picked him up and carried him out. He peed once. Then wanted back in, but I had to carry him. He was unwilling to go up the steps on his own. That's not Morgan behavior. Usually he dashes out the door at the speed of light, pees in at least 4 places, poops in a corner of the yard, then dashes back into the house to dive under the blankie in his bed-to go back to sleep. The last time he was like this his kidneys had shut down. So I took him to the hospital. They are going to run some blood tests, and keep an eye on him until the test results come in, which should be later this afternoon. They'll call me to come get him then. I could have brought him home, but I just felt better having him there where they can keep a close eye on him. I can't, cos in an hour I've got to head to work. Class must go on.

The private lesson I had scheduled today has been postponed until Wednesday by the student. I'm so glad that happened. It has made this morning easier.

Poor Morgy Porgy. I hate to see him sick. He's such a sweetheart. He doesn't deserve to suffer anything. This aging thing sucks. He's getting 'old dog' problems. Sigh. I'll post an update when I have one.

Please send good thoughts to Morgan. My heart dog.

Have a good day.

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