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The Promised Moose Pics

Today we are moving daughter Ruth back to college. She is starting her Junior year as a Geology major. This particular move is of great significance. Her first apartment. She is sharing with 2 of her friends. This should save us a considerable amount of money because living on campus is very expensive in comparison. But, more importantly than that, it should instill in her a sense of independence.

When Sarah went off to college she already had a desire to be independent. She couldn't wait to be on her own. Not because she hated it at home, but because she's just one of those independent kind of people. Ruth, on the other hand, is more of a homebody. It's going to take a little longer for her to leave the nest completely. But that's okay. We all take flight in our own time. Just as long as she takes flight eventually. (I may have to shove her out--heh heh.)

On Friday I promised moose pics. Saturday I wasn't in a blogging mood. Therefore, I did not blog. A day late, but here are the promised pics.

These are the two moose we saw last Monday night. They returned Friday during the day. We thought we were looking at a young male and female-possible siblings. We were wrong. They're both males. The one we thought didn't have antlers actually has some-nubs though they be. What's interesting is that the one with nubs is larger than the one with actual antlers, which just goes to show that antlers don't necessarily make the moose (? Did I say that?).

We first saw these moose at the bottom of the hill, but they were kind of hard to see in the bushes. I could tell, though, that they were headed toward us, so I waited until they got closer to the house before I turned on the camera. Here they are coming out of the bushes just off the lawn. (I was standing on the deck.) Click on them to enlarge, should you so desire.

Nubs was a lot braver than Antlers so he just went where he wanted. This was his warning look to me. Antlers kind of hung back, and watched me with a great deal of mistrust. So, instead of following Nubs out, he circled around behind the trees just behind Nubs.

Antlers came out near the corner of the garden.

Nubs joined him, and they feasted on Thimble Berries for awhile.

You can see how nervous Antlers was. He put the fence between us before he felt safe enough to eat. Meanwhile-Nubs is oblivious.

After a bit, Nubs decided to walk across and try out some of the landscaping. Antlers followed-but stayed in the bushes, so you can't see him, but he's there.

Here Nubs turned to say goodbye before going back down the hill and on their way.

Such magnificent animals. These guys are little as moose go, but they're so big!

Over the last few years the building has been out of control in this area. Housing developments are going up right and left on Rathdrum Prairie. Even the Meyers have put their huge blue grass fields up for sale-something I didn't think I'd ever see. This is shrinking these guys habitat and forcing the wildlife toward us. I feel really bad about that. The prairie was so beautiful before. I hate to see it swallowed up in houses and mini malls. Sigh.....

What price progress?

Have a nice day.


  1. Wow. I can't imagine something that big - no, TWO somethings that big! walking around in my yard.

    Do you live in Rathdrum? In town?

    Great pictures. Thanks for taking time to post them.

  2. I think getting a job was a very large "stepping stone" on independence path.