"Properly practiced, knitting soothes the troubled spirit, and it doesn't hurt the untroubled spirit either." ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman


The Relative Visits

It's true, the rumor that is. My cousin Jerry, from Detroit Michigan, did stop in for a visit on his way to Vancouver, British Columbia. He called yesterday afternoon to let me know when he'd be here. I haven't been so nervous in ages. This was the first of my relatives to come visit me at my home since we moved to Idaho. I hardly know him. Why is he visiting me? What was I going to talk about? Should I serve food? Drink? Will he be offended by my cluttered house? What if the dogs bite him? What if......??!!

My anxiety disorder reared it's ugly head. By this morning I was pacing the floor and feeling sick. Ruth, my darling daughter, told me not to worry, everything would be okay. I'm a nice person. Just be myself.

He arrived late this morning, with his wife Sharon. I think the last time I saw Sharon was when I was a teenager, maybe my early 20's. We have all aged I'm afraid. I wouldn't have recognized her if my life had depended on it. Jerry, though, looked the same, except the dark brown hair is now kind of on the Grey side.

We had a nice visit. The dogs did not bite anyone. In fact, the opposite. Tommy practically fell in love with Sharon. He was all over her lap. We talked a bit about Jerry's trip (they're traveling all over the US for 4 weeks, including a 4 day cruise to Alaska), about Idaho, and stuff. I took them on a little tour of the Parkarosa (so they could see 'the spread'), and then they left. It was short, but sweet, and I enjoyed it. What a surprise.

I think Jerry stopped here to see me for my Dad. They love him dearly. That made me feel good. I'm so far away from him. It's nice to now his family is concerned for his welfare.

As for the clutter of my house, it was pretty clear I'm into 'crafts'. Beading and knitting projects litter my house, that's just the way it is. They asked about it, I told them the truth. I'm obsessed with knitting and beading. We all laughed. I don't put my stuff away cos I don't want to. I like my projects on hand at all times, so they are. I learned a long time ago that I will never be one of those neat orderly housewives that keeps her home looking like a showcase for Beautiful Home magazine. My house isn't dirty, but it is lived in. Hubby and I both like it that way.

I finished the second front piece of the baby sweater. Now, I start the sleeves.

Have a great day.

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  1. I have a ton of beads that are just sitting in boxes in my closet lolevery now and then I get an idea for something I want to try but I never do lol I am just teaching myself how to knit and I really like it I think I will get farther in knitting then beading